Singer/Musician Alex Wolff, aged 17, wants an older girlfriend??

HitBerryPublished on   07 Aug, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Born on November 1, 1997 to writer and actress Polly Draper and jazz pianist Michael Wolff, Alex Draper Wolff is the brother of Nat Wolff, the male lead from the movie Paper Towns, and an up and coming actor/musician himself.

The 17 year old, with a height of 5'9”, is said to have been in a relationship with Ashley Joel until their break up in 2010. Though he has not been known to have dated anyone since, he seems to prefer an older girlfriend. According to a close source, he wants to date either Jessica Alba or Keira Knightley (they're his favorite actresses). But perhaps he does not realize that both the actresses are happily married? Better luck next time Alex!!! 

The curly haired New Yorker, born in Manhattan, started his journey from 'The Naked Brothers' at the tender age of 7, which later also came out as a movie. He first gained popularity through the movie and there has been no turning back. His versatility has made him well liked by a number of industry professionals. He has, till date, worked in a number of movies like 'The Sitter', 'Hairbrained', and soon to be released 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2',

 Alex is an award winning actor who has released an album with his brother Nat. The album is called the 'Black Sheep' and there's no doubt that girls would be lining up for this duo. But unless these girls are a bit older than Alex, they might be out of luck. With the charm and energy of a teenager, he might be better off with someone of his age. But then again, who are we to judge?

As far as we know, he has not dated anyone since 2010. Or maybe he is just too smart to let his relationship come to the limelight? Who knows!

As for his fans out, you might be interested to know he can play five different music instruments- drum, piano, violin, guitar and ukele( Bingo!). A man of arts he is. And a total charmer too! What more does he need to impress a  few girls now?

Alex has also inherited the writing skills of his mother and has written plays in middle school with his brother in the lead. There is no doubt that he shares an amazing bond with his brother Nat Draper Wolff. He is often seen with his brother

Wolff doesn't seem to be very active on his Instagram account (@ALEXWolFF). Instead, he has an active joint account with his brother Nat: Nat and Alex Wolff(@natandalex). The same is the case with twitter. Thank god he does have a verified Facebook account for us to take a peek every now and then.