Singer Kim Wilde and husband Hal Fowler, married since 1996, adopting children

HitBerryPublished on   22 Dec, 2015Updated on   22 Dec, 2015

English Pop singer Kim Wilde has some very good news for her fans. In a recent interview, she expressed her desire to adopt a new child with her current husband, Hal Fowler.  This news has driven her fans crazy. Already there are several speculations about why the singer is adopting a child.

Kim Wilde turned 55 years old this November. There is no possible way that she can have her own biological child. But she is eager to parent yet another child. She reportedly believes that raising their two children together brought her and her husband closer to one another. She wants to raise yet another child together. She believes that she and her husband will get even closer to each other after this.

Kim Wilde already has two children of her own from her current marriage. She gave birth to her first son Harry Tristan in 1998, after only two year of married life. She then gave birth to her daughter Rose Elizabeth in 2000.

The singer has made no comments about the age, ethnicity and other attributes of the child she will be adopting. But sources close to her confirmed that it is likely that she will adopt a white baby boy from her hometown Middlesex.

There were claims that there may be possible tensions and even an impending divorce between Wilde and her husband before this news. But now it is all but certain that the two are very happy with each other and are planning their future together.

Kim Wilde started her career as a singer at a very young age. Her first single “Kids in America” was released in 1981. It reached number 2 in UK singles chart. She has not looked back since then. In her career, which spans over 3 decades, she has sold over 10 million albums. Her singles have been sold 20 million times. Since 1998, she has also pursed her hobby of gardening as an alternative career option.

The singer has won several distinguished awards throughout her career. She won BRITS award for Best Solo Female Artist in 1983. She also holds the record for being the most charted Solo British act of the 80s. She had released 17 UK Top 40 hit singles throughout the decade.  With her wild songs, she was the youth icon of the period.

Wilde is active as a singer even today. She organizes musical tours regularly. Her latest album was released in 2013. She has also released two books already, in which she talks about her interest in gardening. She doesn’t have an official Instagram. She keeps her fans updated about the latest happening in her life through her Twitter.

Her net worth is reported to be $18 million dollars.