Singer Katie Melua, age 31, and husband James Toseland expecting kids??

HitBerryPublished on   15 Feb, 2016Updated on   15 Feb, 2016

Singer Katie Melua and her beloved husband James Toseland are reportedly expecting their first kid. The couple got married in September of 2012 in the Royal Botanical Gardens in London. And now, sources reveal that Katie is pregnant with his child.

Katie Meula got married to former superbike champion James Toseland. She always mentioned that apart from having a deep affection for each other, both being adventure and music lovers, their chemistry has been very good. Wow!

‘He is her husband and her best friend’, says one of Katie’s high school friends. With this report, it is certain that both of them are happily married as of now.

Both the husband and wife really love their kids. They have made routine visits to the Orphanages in London just because they like to spend time with kids. Our sources reveal that James wanted kids before Katie wanted them. And now, both of them are preparing to welcome a cute adrenaline junkie to their little happy home.

One of their close friends claim that James wishes to have a baby girl beautiful like Katie. He goes on and on with plans after the baby is born. He further adds that James and Katie would be the perfect parents.

Katie and James both have plans for their baby, who is on the way. Now, it would be worth waiting about to see if we are getting a little super biker or a future musician.

Though a singer and songwriter by the profession, Katie Meula is an avid adventure junkie. Her mother says she loves to experience the height of every limit, but her emotions are always in check.

Katie Mula, age 31, is a Georgian-British Singer, songwriter and musician. Our sources also reveal that some romantic songs she wrote after 2012 are entirely about her own love story with James and about him.

The hot singer entered the music industry formally with a musical debut in 2003. She was the United Kingdom’s best -selling female artist and Europe’s highest selling European female artist. With this, it is obvious that she is a high profile rich singer after all.

Katie is originally from Georgia. After the Georgian civil war, her family moved to England. England must be lucky to have her. Though she can fluently speak Georgian language, she openly admits that she cannot write songs in that language. Our sources reveal that she can even speak French and Germany fluently. The singer is a real linguist.

By May 2011, according to Sunday Times Rich List, Maula was declared as second richest musician in Europe under thirty with a net worth of $12 million pounds.  That’s quite a lot of money. But you know what? She definitely deserves it.

We wish her and her husband all the best for their upcoming bundle of joy!!