Singer Jason Castro and wife Mandy, married since 2010, love being parents to their newly born daughter

September 7, 2015
First published on:September 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Jason Castro and wife Mandy Mayhall have just recently given birth to their second daughter Hazel Lucia. Hazel was born on June 3rd 2015. The couples already have a four year old daughter Madeline Emilia born in August 2011, just under a year of their marriage.

The couples are in bliss with the coming of a new member to their family. The pair has said we are very happy and Madeline too is excited to see her new born younger sister. Madeline, just turning four, had a birthday bash and she and her parents painted a caricature for her and build her a model ice cream van.

Hazel, who has just turned two months old, has been taking many pictures with her parents, especially her father and posting them on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Hazel is seen in one photo on her father’s torso wearing a nappy pad, a cute t-shirt and the cutest hair bands there is to see .She looks at peace and serene and is a beautiful baby.

Jason’s wife Mandy has made a cover song of Taylor Swift’s famous song 22 and in the video Madeline has taken all the attention. She looks so cute and so confident to be a performer like her father. Likewise Madeline has been beautiful and elegant in her picture just what could be in store for them.

Jason Castro and Mandy Mayhall had been dating since they were in college and knew each other since high school. They had dated for over a year and a half when Castro proposed to her at a tailgate party before a football game at their University. It was Halloween and the duo were dressed as beauty and beast. He proposed by writing “Marry me” in a pumpkin. Mayhall has been featured in some of Castro’s music videos too.

Castro and Mayhall married in January 2010 in his hometown. After the marriage, they moved to Dallas. Castro had told a reporter that he is very happy when he was getting married. When their first daughter came a year earlier, he said “it keeps getting better”.

With Hazel now a part of their family, Castro and Mayhall are, as told by them,” the happiest parent on the planet”.

 Jason was a contestant in the Seventh edition of American idol in which he stood in 4th place. He has had a very successful career after the idol, even more so than his counter parts. He is currently signed by Warner Brother’s and has taken out three studio albums under their label. Other than Warner Brothers he has a contract with the famous Atlantic records too.

Jason‘s musical inspirations have been Bob Marley, Ben Harper and Carlos Vives. Jason has just turned 28 years of age and his musical career is in full bloom. Jason is an active social networker on Twitter but doesn’t use Instagram. On Twitter he can be followed under the username @jasoncastro.