Singer/Former Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell opens up about his dating days with wife Leighanne Wallace

December 17, 2015
First Published On: December 17, 2015

The love life of members of Backstreet Boys, the most popular boy band of the 90s, has always been a bit of a secret. Up until now! But all that has changed recently. Brian Littrell, former member of the boy band, has revealed how he fell in love with his wife Leighanne Wallace in a recent interview.

 “Even though I was dating somebody else at that time, when I first saw Leighanne, I knew right away that this girl would play an important role in my life”, Littrell told our reporters. He also claimed that he knew Wallace would be the one he was going to marry after only spending a short amount of time with her.

 He stated that his relationship with his girlfriend at that time was bittersweet. “Both of us knew that our relationship at the time was not going anywhere, so when Wallace came into my life. I welcomed her, without having any second thoughts”, the singer said clarifying how his relationship with Wallace began.

Littrel also claimed that his marriage to the Wallace was the best thing that has ever happened in his life.  He stated that he is thankful to his wife for standing by him through tough times in his live. He also made it clear that he thinks it is unlikely that he will ever get divorced with his present wife.

Littrel was already dating Samantha Stonebreaker when she first met Leighanne.  They first met during the filming of music video for Backstreet Boy’s song ‘As Long As You Love Me’. Leighanne was modeling for the music video.  The singer told our reporters that Leighanne immediately caught his eyes and her way of carrying herself and caring for him made him fell in love with her.

Littrel has been married to Wallace for over 15 years now. The two tied the knot in February of 2000. They even have a son Baylee Thomas together. Both of them are born again Christian. They have very deep Christian beliefs and currently reside together in Georgia, Atlanta.

Even after splitting of Backstreet Boys, Littrell has continued his career as a singer. He regularly organizes musical tour to give his fans an opportunity to see him perform live.  He primarily sings religious songs nowadays.  He has also made appearances in several movies. His most recent appearance was in 2013 comedy, ‘This Is the End’.

He is extremely popular in social media sites. His Twitter @brian_littrell has 395k followers. His Facebook page is also very popular among his fans and has over 625k likes.

His net worth is valued at $40 million.