Singer and Actor Coyote Shivers ready for his third divorce? Trouble in paradise with his third wife Mayra Dias Gomes

HitBerryPublished on   08 Dec, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

It looks like singer and actor Coyote Shivers, aged 50, is all set for his third divorce. It has been reported that the popular musician is having some trouble in paradise with his third wife, Mayra Dias Gomes. Rumor has it that the couple is on the brink of separation. So is it true? Let’s find out.

Looking at Shivers ‘infamous’ marital history, one can’t deny the fact that he has had numerous problems in his married life in the past. He has been married three times and been divorced twice. He had also faced allegations of abusive and violent behavior by his former wives. So, news of his alleged divorce with his present wife might not be shocking for many of us.

The divorce rumors were there hanging in midair when an anonymous source came forth to discuss the matter with us. The insider claimed that the singer and the music maker and his wife are truly getting a divorce. They claim that the Shivers’ third wife, who is a Brazilian author, journalist, columnist and media personality and the oldest daughter of Academy-Award nominated Brazilian playwright Dias Gomes and actress Bernadeth Lyzio, wants a divorce from her husband.

“Mayra wants a divorce from her husband. The couple is on the verge of separation and they might split up any time soon. I have heard that Coyote abuses her both sexually and verbally. Mayra, being a journalist and writer, is not the kind of a person who would take the abuse lying down,” revealed the source.

If further added: “She gave him many warnings and pleaded him to stop being so abusive. She tried every single thing she could to bring him to the right track, but her efforts were worthless. She is so fed up of him that she is getting a divorce.

“She sees her mistakes as well. She knew his abusive history quite well. She is a knowledgeable woman. But she fell hopelessly in love with him and tied the knot blindly. She knew her actions had consequences, but she is realizing them just now.

“However, she thinks it is not too late. She is leaving him to amend her mistakes,” stated the gossip monger.

Talking about Shivers previous marriages, he was married to model and singer Bebe Buell from 1992 to 1999. After their divorce, he got hitched to NCIS actress Pauley Perrette in 2000. But they separated after 4 years and got divorce in 2006. Shivers was accused of being abusive by both his ex-wives, Buell, Perrette, as well as his ex-girlfriend Angela Garber. They claimed that he was physically, sexually and psychologically abusive. He was later convicted of all these allegations, including stalking and legal harassment. Perrette was granted restraining orders against him.

Gomes and Shivers got married in March 2010 and if the rumors about his divorce are true then he better start looking for another partner. And this time, if he wants a long term relationship, he better shower his loved one with his beautiful songs rather than his abuses.