Sienna Miller's Love Interests: A Comprehensive Dating Retrospective

Sienna Miller is a famous actress who was born on December 28, 1981. She is both American and British. Sienna has acted in many movies like "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," "American Sniper," and "Layer Cake." Her hard work in the film industry has earned her a net worth of $18 million

Miller does not have a husband, but she is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Oli Green with whom she is expecting a baby. She continues to charm audiences with her acting skills and remains a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

Miller Has A Boyfriend

Sienna Miller has a boyfriend, and she's with Oli Green right now. They like to keep their relationship private and haven't shared much about it with the public. It's quite unclear when the couple first met. But people started thinking they were a couple around early 2022 when they were seen together in New York City. 

OliSienna Miller with her boyfriend, Oli Green SOURCE: Oli Green Instagram @ooroosgreen

In March of 2022, the world got even more certain about Miller and Green's romance. It was at the BAFTAs, a big British film awards show when they were seen leaving together. They were on their way to the afterparty for British Vogue's Fashion & Film event, which is quite the glitzy affair. 

Now, here's a bit of an interesting tidbit: Green is 15 years younger than the "American Sniper" actress Miller. Age differences like that don't matter when love is involved. They enjoy each other's company despite it.

Miller And Green Will Become A Parent Soon

Exciting news for Miller and her partner Green – they're going to be parents soon! at the time of this writing. The actress was recently spotted in Ibiza in August 2023, where photographers caught her in a bikini, proudly displaying her baby bump. 

It's a heartwarming moment when you see someone expecting a little one, and it seems like Sienna and Oli are looking forward to this new chapter in their lives. Parenthood is an incredible journey, and their upcoming baby will surely bring lots of joy and love into their family. 

What You Should Know About Miller's Boyfriend?

Oli Green, the boyfriend of Miller, is an actor who's relatively new to the world of cinema. He's still beginning his career, having studied at Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in NY. One of the highlights of his short career was when he appeared in an episode of the popular TV series "The Crown." In that episode, he played a character named Finchey. 

OliOli Green in The Mosquito Coast SOURCE: Oli Green Instagram @ooroosgreen

Alongside his acting pursuits, Green has a successful modeling career. He's been a part of numerous Burberry campaigns, which in the fashion world is a big deal. His good looks and charm have helped him. He was also previously featured as the face of Gap's "I Am" campaign, which is quite an achievement in the modeling world. 

Already Has A Kid With Her Ex-partner

Before this exciting news of her upcoming baby with Green, Sienna Miller already had a child from a previous relationship. Her daughter, named Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge, is a special part of her life. Her father is the actress' ex-partner, Tom Sturridge. 

Marlowe came into this world on July 7, 2012. When she was born, her parents, Miller and Sturridge, had only been engaged for a short while, not even a year. However, life can sometimes take unexpected turns, and sadly, just three years after her birth, her parents decided to go their separate ways. 

The Ex-Fiancée Of Tom Sturridge

Sienna Miller and actor, Tom Sturridge have a history together as more than just co-parents. They were once engaged. Their romance, marked by a deep connection and commitment, sadly came to an end in 2015, after three years of being engaged. The couple had previously begun dating in 2011 by keeping it low-key.

TomSienna Miller's ex-fiancé, Tom Sturridge SOURCE: Miu Miu YouTube Channel

Juggling busy schedules on top of raising a child like Marlowe can be quite challenging. It's natural for the demands of work, personal commitments, and parenting to take a toll on anyone. Miller and Sturridge, despite their careers and responsibilities, faced moments where it all felt overwhelming, affecting their relationships.

Has The Relationship Soured With Sturridge?

Despite the challenges they might have faced as a couple and co-parents, Miller and Sturridge have managed to maintain a positive and supportive relationship. It's heartwarming to know that their bond hasn't soured at all. They've remained the best of friends, as mentioned in an article from Hello! Magazine

This shows that Miller and ex-Sturridge's love and care for their daughter, Marlowe, have always been a top priority for them. They've chosen to put their differences aside and focus on creating a loving and nurturing environment for their child. 

Miller's perspective on her relationship with Sturridge is quite heartwarming. She has openly expressed that they still love each other. While breakups can often lead to hurt feelings and conflict, the actress recognizes that it doesn't have to be that way. She even touches on the idea that sometimes breakups can turn a bit "cruel" in a traditional sense, but that hasn't been the case for them. 

Miller and Sturridge have managed to handle their separation with grace and respect, allowing them to remain amicable and continue to be present in each other's lives. This level of maturity and understanding is not always easy to achieve, and it's a testament to the love and care they have for each other and their shared journey as co-parents.

Ex-Lucas Zwirner Used To Be Miller's Fiancé

Miller was previously engaged to Lucas Zwirner. They were engaged for quite a while, about nine months. Their journey to engagement began in January 2020, following a year of dating. 

LucasLucas Zwirmer speaking at an event SOURCE: ART SPEAKS YouTube Channel

Miller and Zwirner's love story began with the help of some mutual friends in New York. The actress has been living in the bustling city, where she's been raising her daughter, Marlowe. Sometimes, the best connections are made through friends, and it's evident that their introduction sparked something special at the time.

The former couple's decision to part ways came as a surprise to many, as the exact reason for their split remains somewhat unclear. It's often the case in relationships that couples go through tough times, and it seems that Sienna and Lucas also "hit a rough patch." 

Few Of Other Miller's Relationships

Miller's love life has seen its fair share of twists and turns over the years. She has been in relationships with several notable figures, including Archie Keswick in 2021, Bennett Miller from 2016 to 2017, and George Barker in 2009, to name a few. 

Some of Miller's past relationships include Balthazar Getty in 2008-2009, Matthew Rhys in 2007, Jamie Burke in 2007, Nico Malleville in 2006, Daniel Craig in 2003, Miranda Kerr's ex, Orlando Bloom in 2001, and Jamie Dornan. She's also had encounters with Sean 'Diddy' Combs in 2007, James Franco in 2006, and Hayden Christensen in 2006. 

There were even rumors of an engagement to Rhys Ifans in 2007, although Miller and Ifans ultimately went their separate ways in 2008. Sienna's romantic journey has been filled with different experiences, showcasing the complexities and the variety of relationships that people go through in life.

Jude Law Was The First Fiancé Of The Actress

Jude Law holds the distinction of being the first fiancé in Sienna Miller's life. Their journey towards engagement began in 2004. It all started when they met a year earlier in 2003 while working on the set of their film, "Alfie," as mentioned in an article from Elle

Law and Miller's breakup in July 2005 was marked by a very public scandal that captured the media's attention. It came to light that the actor had cheated on Sienna with their children's nanny, Daisy Wright. 

Miller and Law's relationship went through its ups and downs. After their initial breakup in 2005, they attempted to reconcile in 2009, which showed that they still had deep feelings for each other. Unfortunately, their reconciliation didn't last, and it was reported in 2011 that they had split for good.


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