Sian Williams and her husband, Paul , who have been married since 2006 getting a divorce?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Apparently there are rumors that BBC current affairs presenter, Sian Williams is getting a divorce from her second husband Paul Woolwich after being married for a decade.

It is quite known to all that Sian Williams had left her first husband ending 15 years of marriage. She had moved out of the family after confessing her affair with an executive at the corporation.

It has been believed that the mother of two children, Williams started her affair with the BBC executive more than a year ago. She admitted about her affair to her then husband, Neale Hunt only after discovering that she was pregnant with the executive’s child.

 Married in 1991, Sian Williams and Neal Hunt were together living with their two sons. It had been said that for the sake of their children, they had been living together under the same roof. However, after the disclosure of her pregnancy news, the two parted their ways.

Following her divorce with Neal Hunt in 2006, she got married with Paul Woolwich. On the same year of her second marriage, she gave birth to her third son. Later in 2009, she gave birth to her only daughter.

Though not disclosed yet, the alleged BBC executive might have been her current husband, Paul as the two soon got married after Williams divorce.

It seems like history is repeating itself. We have been hearing rumors about the split of Paul and Sian since lately.

Though Sian is regarded as an extremely good journalist, she might not have proven herself as a trustworthy life partner.

Strong buzz claims that the couple has been facing marital problems and incompatibility issues. Sian is also alleged in having another affair outside her marriage. From her past history of extra marital love affairs and failed marriage, this might be true as well.

Many have speculated her extremely busy working schedule might be the reason behind the rumored split. It is said that Williams has not been spending much time with her husband and children. This might have led to increased misunderstandings among the couple.

Williams is best known for her work with BBC. For 11 years, she presented weekday editions of BBC Breakfast and news bulletins on BBC One till 2012. She also presented BBC One’s discussion program Sunday Morning Live in 2014. After the announcement of leaving BBC in 2015, she has been appearing as the main presenter of 5 News.

The 51- aged journalist does a lot of yoga and running for her health. She has been diagnosed with hyponatremia. She has participated in many marathons as New York Marathon in 2001 and Virgin London Marathon in 2013.

The annual salary of the news presenter Williams is reported to be between 250,000 pounds to 500,000 pounds according to BBC accounts. However, the estimated net worth of Sian has not been disclosed yet.