Should Students Expect To Undertake AI Designed Classes In 2019

HitBerry TeamPublished on   18 Dec, 2018Updated on   27 Dec, 2018

The world is changing rapidly around us. As days pass by, it is getting difficult to keep up with the innovations that could alter things as we know now. The introduction of AI or Artificial Intelligence is a step that is creating waves in technology.

One particular area that is going to be tremendously influenced by the introduction of Al is the field of education. It is time that educational institutions take advantage of technological advancements and modify their environments accordingly. With the current speed everything has been updating and adapting, it won’t be long before we see Al playing a huge role in teaching. 

Here is how Al is going to influence Schools and Universities to shape the future.

Classes Beyond the Classroom

For decades, our system of education has been confined to be inside the four walls of a classroom. While smart learning is being introduced, and popular companies are releasing tablets targeted at students, the system has not entirely adapted to taking it further. 

With Al, learning would be more interactive with all the benefits of a full-fledged technology aided environment.  Anywhere or anytime, students can learn new things and interact with new learning ecosystems. An excellent example of such training is the hybrid online face to face lessons. 

Personalized Learning

It is high time that each student receives an education that brings out his or her best attributes and helps focus on their worst. Universities can now use AI to come up with personal algorithms that suit a particular student considering their requirements.

No two people have the same skillset and orientation, so this personalized adaptive learning is something that Universities should have taken up long back. Now that we have the intelligence to work this out for any number of students, the day that a personalized module would be implemented is fast approaching. 

Smart Campuses

On the same page of smart classrooms, Al has enabled it to be extended outside to cater to the whole campus. When you understand it, it might sound too simple. But the effect could be gratifying when you can actually connect to all systems instead of going through your school admin authorities for every single thing. 

Anything from class schedules, attendance and assignments would be automated, notifying and updating the students. In required circumstances, even the assigned guardians would be notified, so we can surely say that gone are the time, when you could fake your parent’s signature on your report card. 

Feedback and Monitoring 

It was not always that a teacher could know whether they were getting through to the students or whether the course quality is being accommodated well. It is the same vice versa, where students were hesitant to approach their teachers to get feedback. 

This mindful monitoring using AI will help teachers to note if students are facing challenges and recommend them to get guidance from professional writers to get ahead in their performances. This could help them remarkably to save time and get the assistance required from outside sources. 

Now with Al, both parties can get comfortable in providing immediate feedback and keeping up to date with the school systems. This also enables teachers to know how students are receiving the education and if there is any scope for improvement. 

Information Portal

Universities across the world are working with software developing companies to come up with their own virtual assistants. This could make things much easier for any student or parent to access information about anything that should be in the school system. 

Virtual assistants could also be employed in teaching techniques to assist students not only in studies but also as an advisory. This integration could bring enormous changes in a positive manner to identify the difficulties faced by students. At the current pace technology is advancing,  Al can easily replicate human manners and behaviors that would even make a virtual assistant perform the tasks of a school counselor

The field of Al is still evolving, and there could be many more ways in future that it could help us re-imagine education. It is quite a wonder that AI has the ability to redirect the wandering mind of a student just by keeping track of the activities on a smart device. However, as long as we use it wisely and do not invade privacies, Al could help the entire system to reshape learning. 

Final Thoughts

In fact, we already see signs of Al integration in many schools and campuses. In the coming year, more and more schools are to be expected to adopt Al’s aide and change their approach to education. It is only a matter of time before we integrate our entire lives with the Artificial Intelligence.