Shlomo Rechnitz - Biography - Founder of TwinMed, Brius Healthcare Services and LLC

July 4, 2018
First published on:September 8, 2016
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Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz is a Los Angeles entrepreneur and a Philanthropist who owns ‘Birius Healthcare Services’ and he is also a founder of ‘TwinMed, LLC’.


Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz was born in the United States of America. By profession, he is a businessman and owns major companies in the US alongside his brother, Steven. He is a kind of guy who is really sympathetic and has donated a lot of amount for development and construction. About his sexual orientation, he is straight and currently married to Tamar Rechnitz.

Early Life and Education

Shlomo Rechnitz was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America; on July 29th, 1971. He spent most of his childhood in California. As per his high school, he went to ‘Mesivta of Long Beach’ in New York and ‘Mir Yeshiva’ (an Orthodox Jewish college or seminary) in Jerusalem, Israel. It is considered as one of the largest seminaries in the whole world with over 8000 single and married students. 

Source: Jewish journal

His Career and Companies

Prior to his success, Shlomo Rechnitz first incorporated TwinMed, LLC in Los Angeles along with his brother during the year 1998. Overall, his companies have 81 nursing homes in California and that is the most in the whole state. His companies made $458,771,029 in 2014 but were mostly accused of abuse, negligence, elder abuse and wrongful deaths. Some of his major companies include:

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TwinMed, LLC

Shlomo is the Co-Founder of ‘TwinMed, LLC’ that provides medical products and nursing home supplies like gloves, incontinence products, enteral, oral feeding products, etc; to hospitals and nursing homes throughout the whole United States. They have warehouses in California, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Ohio and New Jersey; but they are all based in Santa Fe Springs, California.

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Brius Healthcare Services

‘Brius Healthcare Services’ is the largest nursing home distributor in California. Moreover, he runs over eighty more facilities over there. And nevertheless, he is the founder of this company as well.

South Pasadena Convalescent Hospital

The healing facility was earlier owned by Rechnitz since 2006. Notwithstanding, the possession has been exchanged to Elliot Zemel and Yudi Schmukler later on. After the transfer, the patient populace went from basically the old to those whose ages averaged around 37 and included medication clients, attackers, sentenced criminals and so forth. 

South Pasadena Convalescent Hospital

South Pasadena Convalescent Hospital

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Personal Life and Charity works

Speaking about his personal life, he is married to Tamar Rechnitz and together they have 6 children. At present, they reside in Los Angeles, California. He has a twin brother named Steven Rechnitz. And as per his net worth, he has been able to make it go up to $2.4 Billion in 2015. Additionally; alongside his significant other, he has begun an altruistic establishment that provides funds to those who look for the most. For instance:

Shlomo & Tamar Rechnitz Charitable Foundation

This organization yearly provides funds to over 1000s of institutions. All things considered, he gave $1 Million for backing in recreating the Orthodox Jewish Day Schools after the Hurricane Sandy (One of the 5 deadliest hurricanes in 2012 that happened in the US).  


In 2014; during Autumn, Shlomo donated $2.5 million to the Lakewood Cheder School's building effort, empowering the school to complete their new building; and along these lines, permitting the youngsters to start school without any delay.

In June 2015, Rechnitz gave $250,000 to rebuild the Mount Zion Cemetery in East Los Angeles. Mount Zion, otherwise called the "vagrant burial ground," is the last resting spot of a large portion of the organizers of the Los Angeles Jewish people group, however, has been ignored, and even vandalized, over the years. 

Mount Zion Cemetery.

Mount Zion Cemetery.

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In November 2015, while on a delay in Dublin, Rechnitz obtained hot dinners for 400 US troops when he saw they were eating packed away snacks while different travelers feasted at airplane terminal restaurants. 


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