Shiva Safai is in Relationship with Mohamed Hadid, Are they engaged? Know their Affairs

January 8, 2018
First Published On: January 5, 2018
by Sam Smith

When you truly love someone then age doesn’t matter whether it is a difference of 3 years or 33 years. Love is love. Similar to this, Shiva Safai is in a relationship with Mohamed Hadid who is 33 years older than her.

Model Shiva Safai is in a romantic relationship with one of the top real estate developers in the US. Are Shiva and Hadid planning to get engaged or they have already engaged? Has their age gap affected their relationship? With their astonishing age gap, will they ever get married? Stay in on this page and scroll down to know more about their relationship.

Are Shiva Safai and Mohamed Hadid engaged?

To break the ice, the 35-year-old model is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Mohamed Hadid. Hadid proposed Shiva in the year 2014. But they have not spoken a word about their marriage.

[ CAPTION: Shiva Safai with her Fiancé Mohamed Hadid at an award s ][ SOURCE: CelebSiren ]

The couple has been together for at least five years now. After just two years of dating, Shiva was seen with a ring on her ring finger. Now, it has been almost three years into their engagement but, the news of their marriage has not popped out yet.

[ CAPTION: Shiva Safai with her Fiancé Mohamed Hadid ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Even if there is no news of them ever getting married, the couple looks as if they would not separate. The couple is often spotted in most of the award shows and other red carpet events. The model’s love, at first sight, has made it this far and will surely go a long way as they keep posting their pictures on social media sites.

Did the age gap have any effect on their love life?

Apparently, the answer seems to be a big no! In an interview, the model told them that she did not have any doubts about her love life as she thinks that the age does not matter in love. The model also told that her fiancé of 69-years-old is young by heart.

[ CAPTION: Mohammad and Shiva ][ SOURCE: Naluda Magazine ]

The model also told the reporters that the father of Bella Hadid brought back her old self and mend all her broken pieces together. The emotional model moved to tears as she stated her love for Mohammad.

[ CAPTION: Shiva and Mohammad posing for photo ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So many people have criticized their love life but, they have not flinched a bit from their comments. With all the criticism they have got, they are still together and more strongly in love. The ex-wife of Mohammad, Yolanda Hadid still hangs out with the couple as she has no problems with her former husband being with Shiva.

On the whole, it can be said that the couple is living quite a life together. They are one by heart and soul as they keep growing together. With love, you prosper with love you win. Shiva Safai and Mohammad Hadid have prospered and won in their five-year run relationship.