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Sheana Shay is being sued by her neighbor over marijuana.

April 20, 2016
First published on:April 20, 2016
by HitBerry

Celebrities love getting high. They have lots of time on their hand to party and get wasted.

She lives in a high-rise apartment with her husband Michael Shay. They married in 2014. However, Sheana forgot that she had a family sharing a wall. TMZ has stated that the family next door got the smell of her weed. But, it seems they didn’t like it.


The man next door filed a lawsuit against Sheana. He stated that his wife and his children have been affected by the marijuana resulting to nausea. They were sick of all the weed clouds coming out into their turf from the other side. You should have thought about other Sheana.

However good actress she may be, Sheena is definitely not a good neighbor. The complaint was not only limited to Marijuana. There have been grievances about noises coming from her apartment disturbing the neighbors. She is a celebrity after all so it is not so unusual that they want to invite a party over and have fun but they definitely should have remembered that there is someone living next door, duh!

Another entity that is mentioned in the lawsuit is her cat. According to the neighbor, she has a black cat who she leaves the cat with its food. It attracts ants which then goes all over their kitchen and bedroom. The lawsuit included her mismanagement of her pet.

The victim neighbor is not only suing Sheana Shay but also her building apartment. He is claiming for a discount on rent and payment for their damages.

A celebrity getting sued by normal people are nothing uncommon and it does not really affect their image to that extent but we hope that she will take some lesson from it about the importance of respecting neighbor’s life and taking care of your cat and stuff.

Until now, Sheana has not made any statement in this case. Although she is obviously guilty we hope that she won't smoke weed anymore when there are people across the wall.

You may be influencing people in a wrong way. Get high Sheana, but don’t get other high as well.

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