Sharon Leal divorced with Bev Land and is single, Know her current affairs and relationship

May 16, 2017
First Published On: May 16, 2017
by HitBerry

Maintaining beauty and charm is most difficult and important job for the actors; especially for actresses. It's even harder after crossing the forties. But there are a number of actresses who look beautiful and as younger as in the twenties after forties. One of them is Sharon Leal. On deck, find out if Sharon Leal divorced Bev Land.

She's a well-known American actress and singer. Leal rose to fame after her appearance in movies such as Dreamgirls, This Christmas, Why Did I Get Married? and other more. The gorgeous actress's personal life is a matter of choice. So let's know who she is dating and story about her divorce too.

Sharon Leal divorced with husband Bev Land, living single?

The famous American actress and singer Sharon married her husband Bev Land in September 2001. The couple dated for around a year before they tied a knot. The Why Did I Get Married actress Sharon after marrying Bev spent quite good times with him.

Famous American actress and singer Sharon Leal Famous American actress and singer Sharon Leal, Source:

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At that time, the couple's one of the hottest couples of the industry. Their Lovely married relation lasted for around five years. the couple also had a son Kai Miles, born on September 2001. Later, the couple reached at the situation that they could do no reconciliation and they started living separately. And the couple finally divorced in 2006.

Sharon Leal with her ex-husband Bev Land and son Kai Miles Sharon Leal with her ex-husband Bev Land and son Kai Miles, Source:

After she divorced husband Bev, she remained single for a few years. During that time, she only focused on her career in acting. However, she again found her love during the year 2010. Leal then started her affair with the Canadian choreographer Paul Becker.

Whereas, Bev land married Dania Ramirez seven years after his divorce with his first wife Sharon Leal.

Sharon Leal's current affair, are they marrying any Soon?

We see celebrities don't take their love relation far and for a long time. But, Sharon Leal and Paul Becker became a paragon for that kind of couples. The couple shared their togetherness for six long years. And they don't show any signs that they're suffering from any problem.

Paul Becker and Sharon Leal having a good time with together Paul Becker and Sharon Leal having a good time with together, Source:

In their over six years long affair, they spent quite lot quality times with each other.  They frequently make their appearance in the public. Also, they often share their moments with their fans via their Instagram and Twitter.

The adorable love-bird Sharon Leal and Paul Becker The adorable lovebird Sharon Leal and Paul Becker, Source:

Despite being in a love relation for long-time, they don't show their keenness to unite as a husband and wife. Some sources also mentioned that the couple engaged recently. So, we can assume that the couple now thinks about their marriage and probably they will marry soon.