Sharon Case's net worth: What's Sharon Case worth? See her cars and properties

December 20, 2016
First published on:December 20, 2016
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Model turned Actress; Sharon Case was born on 9 February, 1971. Born in America (Michigan), Case started her career from modeling when her parents moved to California at the age of 17.

Since then, the lead actress from musical “Grease” has made her ways into the Hollywood. She also debuted in the ABC soap opera General Hospital in playing as Dawn Winthrop. But today, find out what`s her net Worth, amount she earns, alongside her cars, properties and everything...

Sharon Case`s Net Worth

Sharon`s expected net worth is $3 million. Star from “The Young and the Reckless” has made big bucks from the show. Appearing on several shows like 'Doggie Howser M.D.', 'Beverly Hills' and 'Cheers' have partly contributed to her in income.

Sharon in National Academy Awards

Sharon in National Academy Awards

Source: Fame10

Sharon Case`s House

Sharon is popular amongst households following soap operas for her role as Sharon Newman in “The Young and The Reckless” since 1994. Sharon made good money and shifted from an apartment flat to her own villa in the Beverly Hills, hometown of Hollywood Celebs.

Sharon Case`s House

Sharon Case`s House

Sharon Case`s Jewelry Line POMP

Sharon has been reported of starting her own line of fashion jewelries. She and her best friend who is a known fashion stylist, Elif Inanc has started Pomp Fashion Jewelry line on 29 January, 2010.

Sharon`s Instagram on POMP

Sharon`s Instagram on POMP

Source: Facebook

Early life

Appearing on a modeling project at the age of 17, Sharon was soon recognized by the industry. She then moved to Japan to pursue her modelling career. After working five months in Japan, she moved back to Los Angeles. She has learned ballet and jazz to make a name in the industry. Many people don’t know, she has also worked as a lingerie model.

Sharon Case of "The Young and the Reckless

Sharon Case of The Young and the Reckless

Source: superiorpics

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