Shantel Jackson, age 31, Net worth and Career

July 14, 2016
First published on:July 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Hey guys, how many of you are familiar with movies like, ‘Freelancers’, ‘Good-Riddance’ and ‘Eye of the beholder’? And do you remember Shantel Jackson? Of course, right.. who can forget her? I mean she is so pretty that it hurts. lol. Well, we sure do know who she is and the movies she has starred in. But, do we know anything about how much her Net worth is or about her career? Follow me..

Shantel Jackson is an American model and an aspiring actor, whose Net worth is around $600 thousand. Jackson’s full name is Shantel Christine Jackson and she was born on July 28th, 1984.Jackson was brought up in Miami, United States; where she spent much of her childhood. She is the one having a genetic background of Indian-African, Caucasian and African-American. However, she states herself to be of an American society. Shantel Jackson showed interest in entertainment at a very early age. As about her schooling, she is a student of entertainment technology where she learned most about film making, screen writing, process of editing, and Et-cetera. Later, she attended the program called ‘Miami Dade’ at the University of Miami where she studied acting and psychology.

Before she got into acting, she started her career as a model and got involved on XXL Magazine and other projects. Her first movie is ‘Freelancers’ on which she played as Tanisha’. The movie was released in 2012. With that Project, she was able to impress a lotta audience. After 4 years, she got two more movies on which she starred with faces like 50 Cent, Robert De Nero, Derrick King and other. The reason why she has the net worth of $600 thousand is because she is also into designing clothes. She has created numerous fashion pieces since high school and has earned a lot through that part of her work. Speaking of her current job, she is working for unisex clothing and it is believed that she owns the company; which reminds me that this is also one of the things that generate her Net worth to higher level.



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If you are a great fan of hers, you might be disappointed if you hear about her love life. And yes, she has a boyfriend. Too bad, stalkers. She is the partner of a rap god, Nelly. We do not know about her dating history; but, we do know that she dated Floyd Mayweather before Nelly. They struggled for 7 years together and broke up .No one is certain about what happened except for them. Reports believe that Jackson had to abort their child and this was the reason for their split. Jackson reports, she is still at the beginning of her career and has a long way to go and doesn’t want her looks to fade or her body to lose the curve. After this incident, there are rumors about Floyd threatening Shantel Jackson; Floyd punching Nelly on the face and many more.


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