Sexy actress Danielle Cormack compares her TV series ‘Wentworth’ with OITNB in a new interview

December 2, 2015
First Published On: December 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Stage and screen actress, Danielle Cormack tells us the difference between Netflix drama Orange is the New Black and Australian television drama ‘Wentworth’, where she is playing the lead.

The actress from New Zealand, who rose to prominence for her role as the Amazon Ephiny in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess, talked how those two hit series have their own differences and uniqueness. Other roles she has portrayed are Cynthia Ross in The Cult, and Shota in Legend of the Seeker, the TV series Rake, as Kate Leigh in Underbelly: Razor and Bea Smith in Wentworth.

She told that the new women’s prison drama is much colder than OITNB. The lead star spoke about how her show is way harder and colder than the comedic OITNB.

She said in an interview with "I think OITNB is a wonderful foray into the world of the minutiae of what it's like living in a prison. I think Wentworth hangs itself on higher stakes and I think because of that there's more humour in OITNB."  

She added: "I think OITNB is a dramedy. I applaud their creators, they created a whole new genre of television and it was confusing to people.

"There was drama, there was comedy. It doesn't really know what it is - I think it knows very much what it is. It's just a new type of genre."

The hot and sexy actress added to her statement by saying that there were several who don’t have much knowledge about Wentworth and said that it was a re-imaging of the iconic Australian drama “Cell Block H”. 

The first series dealt with Cormack’s character Bea Smith being thrown in prison cell and how she deals with all the problems in her life within the prison. Meanwhile, the second series was more about her failed attempt of breaking out of the jail. 

The show is more popular in Australia, but there are several international fans who simply love Wentworth, whose fourth season is on its way. 

In the series, we saw Bea being sentenced to life for the murder of Brayden Holt and even taking the position of Top Dog in the prison. Talking about the third season and her character, she said: "I was really challenged by the fact that Bea didn't have a personally strong objective as she did in season two. Her series objective was incredibly strong, so it was easy to play and she operated very independently from everyone else." 

The actress also explained how the show reflected real prison life and played with prisonbird’s psychology as it constantly tried to show people how the prisoners behave and try to grab the highest and most manipulative position within the four walls of the cell. 

Cormack is married to her husband and actor Pana Hema Taylor. They have a son named Te Ahi Ka. Before marrying him, she was in a romantic relationship with her former boyfriend, whose identity is unknown to us. She also has a son named Ethan from her anonymous ex, whom she gave birth while they were still dating. 

The talented actress is active on Instagram. Her net worth remains undisclosed.