Sexy Actress Alice Englert is in love with movie star Kristen Stewart!!!

November 24, 2015
First published on:November 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Alice Englert is in love with hot and sexy Kristen Stewart as she adores her as an actress and they have so much in common.

We all know how talented and kind hearted this young actress is. And now, we have come to know that the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ star loves and adores The Twilight Saga fame Kristen Stewart. Hold on now! Don’t get me all wrong. We are not trying to say that Alice is gay! She is straight and has had boyfriends in the past as well. But we don’t know if she is dating anyone currently. Actually this young lady is a great fan of the tough girl Kristen.

The Australian born actress adores Kristen so much that she came into her defense against Stewart’s haters back in 2013. Actually, what happened then was that Kristen was often dissed by her haters, who commented on her acting, her stone cold expressions and her relationship with her former boyfriend Robert Pattinson. But Stewart had an ally who was always by her side (not literally) to speak out for this amazing actress and shower her love on the Could of Sils Maria star.

Alice, who seemed to be making her own identity by trying her best to outshine her famous mom, Jane Campion’s fame in Hollywood, complemented Kristen’s acting.  

Alice, being a star of a popular fantasy movie and being young shares a lot of similarities with Stewart. Stewart rose to the heights of popularity after starring in vampire movie franchise, The Twilight Saga, whose story plot is quite similar to the Beautiful Creature. This might be why the two have been compared every now and then.

Now let us come to the point, alright? We were talking about Alice’s love and support towards Kristen. The actress, talking to, admitted that she had been compared to Kristen several times and also said how amazing Kristen is as an actress. Now let us remind you one thing, this interview is two years old when the Ginger and Rosa star defended her favorite actress.

The starlet, aged 21, revealed that she didn’t like when the Snow White and the Huntsman star was ‘scrutinized’ by people. The actress also talked about her much loved supernatural franchise, Beautiful Creatures and its similarities with Twilight.

She said: “And as for the Kristen Stewart comparisons, I just don’t think that’s fair. I thought she was great in On The Road and Into The Wild. But she’s got enough people scrutinizing her without me adding my take.”

And Hollywood life openly praised this young and talented actress for even mentioning Stewart’s low budget Indie movie Into The Wild when she has a big budget blockbuster movies like Twilight.

And we all know both Alice and Kristen’s parents work in the film industry. And for your information, both of them started their career with the famous Fanning sisters.


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