Sex and the City Star Kristin Davis Adopts 2nd Child, A Baby Boy

May 7, 2018 by arjun

Kristin Davis popularly known for her appearance on HBO’s Sex and the city blessed twice after she adopts a second child, a baby boy.


Kristin Davis adds a new member to her family. The former Sex and the City star has reportedly adopted an adorable child.

Marc Malkin an entertainment journalist announced the adoption news via Facebook “Exclusive! Kristin Davis adopts a 2nd child,” on May 5, 2018. The actress is a mother of two children after adding a second child to her brood.

53 years old Dave is already a mom to her loving daughter, Gemma Rose who has turned 7. She adopted her first child in 2011. When she welcomed her first child, she revealed that she always wanted this to happen for a long time.

Malik congrats Davis “And now She’s blessed times two!”

The actress has always been opened about the struggle with adoption and earlier told “terrifying” process as adoption always comes with the chance that the preparation will fall through.

They tell you that when (your child) first comes, you should think of it as babysitting in case the birth mom changes her mind,” In 2012 she told Anderson Cooper. She added, when she first got her, she would sleep with the baby on her chest to make the bonding strength.

CAPTION: Dave is already a mom to her loving daughter, Gemma Rose who has turned 7 SOURCE: custom

She also explained the difficulties that come when a white woman like her adopts a black child. Despite it, she believes, her daughter curls are beautiful and her black skin is more beautiful.