Seth Avett Net worth,Salary and Career

HitBerryPublished on   18 Jun, 2016Updated on   18 Jun, 2016

"You and I we're the same

Live and die we're the same

Hear my voice know my name

You and I we're the same"


Known for their catchy lyrics which stick to the head for a really long time The Avett Brothers are quite a growing sensation among the music lovers.Moreover they say if you are born on July 30, you have a great potential to be successful where you follow your passion of writing and becoming a performer. Seth Avett, who also happens to be a Leo; is a guitarist, drummer, songwriter,pianist and singer definitely manage to ace all this role with utter perfection. And this is probably the reasons for the unbelievable growth in Seth Avett’s net growth over the years, which keeps on exceeding.


The 35 year old singer who has a huge fan following had a drastic growth in his net worth with his famous band - The Avett brothers up to 2 million. Also the founding member of the band along with his brother Scott Avett, Seth was heavily involved in music since his early days are has given many hit albums like Country Wars, Emotionalism, The Carpenter, Maple and the Dandelion; each of which has earned them a huge recognition and appreciation.

A North Carolina native Seth, however initially was involved with the Charlotte based Margo with Kenny Graham and Noah Warner before that band combined with his brother's Greenville-based rock band, Nemo.The resulted with Scott Avett on vocals while Seth Avett and John Tworney played Guitar. Along with that Kenny Graham was on bass and Noah Warner took over the drums. They named this group as Nemo, but they eventually broke up. FInally in 2000, both the brothers and Tworney recorded and released a project under the name - the Avett brothers.

Releasing their latest venture - True Sadness a day ago Seth’s net worth is expected to increase more in number due to his recent secretive marriage with Jennifer Carpenter. The couple is said to have married over the Memorial Day Weekend earlier this year in North Carolina itself. Prior to this he was married to Susan Avett but the couple broke up due to irreconcilable differences and divorced in 2013 after a marriage of five years. Jennifer on the other hand too is a divorcee. She was previously married to her Dexter co star Michael C Hall but still remain to be good friends with him. Amidst all of this Seth and Jennifer also have a son who was born in May 2015 who is named Isaac by the couple.

As of now Seth does not seem to have a new individual project with him, but he has released some before like Darling, To Make the World quiet, Killing the Headlamps, The Mourning and The Bell. The youngest son of Susie and Jim Avett of Concord, Seth’s net worth is surely expected to rise drastically . Not at all active on social media sites Seth is seen with some of his personal photos in the official account of the Avett Brothers.


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