Seth Avett is now husband of Jennifer Carpenter. See how they got married

June 18, 2016
First published on:June 18, 2016
by HitBerry

When two good looking people come together something is bound to happen. Mysteries, scandals, hook ups, tie-ups and now even marriage. Secret dates and secret love stories are not something very strange in Hollywood, but secret marriages are equally a charm there.Jay Z-Beyonce, Blake Lively­- Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston-­Justin Theroux are some whose marriage gave us quite a surprise and recently another couple has added their name to the list-Jennifer Carpenter and Seth Avett.

The couple got married over the Memorial Day Weekend earlier this year in North Carolina.

But this is definitely not the first time for both of them to get married. Before that too Seth met Jennifer while she was still wedded to Michael and after their divorce, they got into a romantic relationship finally. If we go back to the relationship history of Jennifer, she was previously dating her Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall and they eloped on New Year's Eve, 2008 and then appeared as a married couple at the 66th Golden Globe Awards in January.However, their marriage was very short lived as just after a year they released a statement announcing they were soon to be divorced due to irreconcilable differences. In spite of this fact, both of them are quite good friends.Avett too has had already wed together with separation. He was married to his ex-wife Susan Avett. Seth and Susan had already got split, but they’d not got divorced yet.  Interesting as soon as his split with Susan happened, he announced his relationship with Jennifer and both of them have been together since 2013.

News in the media flashes that both of them are incredibly happy to be married and describe it as a feeling of contentment as they have their symbol of love with them too. The couple already has a child before marriage as in August 2015 reports claimed that both of them had their first child Isaac, earlier that year in May.

The couple who are parents already profess their love and display PDA all the time. Quoting one of the fan’s tweet the now wife excitedly tweeted about his performance.

The reference being Seth's concert where he made his way to her in the crowd while giving off a guitar solo sharing an intimate moment together.Truly the couple does look adorable and we wish for them to have a happily married life ahead with their baby son Isaac.Have a look at that concert video below.

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