Sergio Pizzorno's predictions come true.

May 1, 2016
First Published On: May 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Musician Sergio Pizzorno had predicted that Leicester would win the EPL trophy this season. We agree not everyone was happy when “Claudio Ranieri was appointed as the manager for the Foxes but everyone sure was surprised.

 “My prediction was that we could finish in the top 10 and we could win a cup. But everybody thought I was insane…I started getting texts from my pals – which I’ve saved – saying: “What’s going on? What are they thinking?”” said the Kasabian songwriter and guitarist.

"The stars have aligned, definitely. It's actually happening” told Pizzorno ITV "We just need to nick a couple of goals and then it's all done and dusted and we can just relax. We just need those three points."

Leicester fan Pizzorno, however, does admit that he was not confident until few weeks ago in their match against West Ham where they squandered their 1-0 lead.

Source: Dailymail

It definitely is easy to bet on your favorite team when the win is almost secure but the confidence that they will turn this probability into a win is worth mentioning.

As for next season: we all live in Leicester so all my pals are coming in and we’re having a Champions League draw party – it’s already on the calendar. As soon as we find out who we’re playing it’s straight online to book tickets and flights. I fancy Barça or Real and it would be nice for Ranieri to go back to Roma. Everyone loves us this year but I know as soon as next season starts, all the other fans will be singing: “Where were you when you were shit?” And we’ve got the perfect answer: “Beating you when you were shit.”, Pizzorno added

Recently, when Tom Hanks was met with the news of beloved Aston Villa getting relegated, he too had some similar prediction. Watch this video:



Last year, we see Southampton was head to head with Chelsea until the mid-season, one could say they could have even won the league. The big team almost always take home the trophy. Well! Not this time I suppose. We wish them all the best for the Champions League.