Serena Williams: Life Threatening Delivery And Snap Throw-back

February 22, 2018

Serena Williams reveals that she nearly died while giving birth to daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Her throw-back snap speaks about her life-threatening possibility.


After six months of delivery American tennis player, Serena Williams opens up her scary birth experience.  She considered herself lucky that she survived after giving birth to her cute baby. The baby’s father is Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder.

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The throw-back snap tells she has overcome a really worse moment of her life. In the image, she closes her eyes and holds her baby in the arm who knows she must be praying to the God to be so nice that she got her life back.

She explains everything was normal. My daughter was born on emergency C-section when her heart rate went dramatically low. Then the procedure went smooth and they place my baby in my arms.

What happened next was frightening and the life uncertainty continued for 6 days. It started with pulmonary embolism and she quickly realized the trouble because of her medical history and quickly called a nurse.

Serena told CNN that when she Cough it was so intense that my C-section delivery wounds popped up.

She continued, after returning to the surgery the doctor told that there was a blood clotted in my abdomen. The doctor without wasting a second started the operation. After all, she finally made her way home and spends rest 6 months in bed.

She is really thankful that she got a marvelous medical team who made their best effort in the scary moments of her life.