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See if you know all of actor Jesse L. Martin's past girlfriends or the one he is dating right now!!

October 1, 2015
First published on:October 1, 2015
by John

Jesse .L .Martin, who plays the adorable father and an honest cop in the famous TV Show The Flash, is currently not linked to anybody. He has cited that his reasons for not dating is that he is too busy with his work, shooting the second season of The Flash and also working in an untitled Independent movie.

Jesse has been known to have a busy dating life, although he has managed to keep most of his affairs as clandestine as possible. His first public appearance with a lady was in the year 2006, when he was seen alongside Vanessa Riding, who is a PR executive in a major Hollywood studio.  They were not seen together much in public. But Jesse was seen spending most of his time that year in Vanessa’s apartment. What actually happened between the two to break them apart is a mystery, but the less than frequent visits ultimately just stopped altogether.

Jesse was also rumored to be in a relationship with his Law and Order co-star Mariska Hargitay before she was married. They were very open about their love and were seen being publicly affectionate at several locations; holding hands and occasionally kissing each other on walks around Central park and at dinners or parties. Mariska and Jesse called it quits after being together for roughly two and a half years.

Jesse has not been linked with anybody in recent years publicly; although friends and family of his claim that he has been seeing a person for quite a while now. Jesse has been known to keep his affairs away from the camera and has remained highly successful so far.

Jesse, in his professional life, has established himself as a very flourishing actor. He is the only actor to be cast in all of the five Law and Order series.  He has also been a key character in the show “The Flash”. His other prominent works in TV include Smash and The Philanthropist.

Other than his TV career, he is known for his roles in several independent movies, which earned him a lot of critical acclaim for being a highly talented actor. Some of his works in films include Peter and Vandy, Puncture and Joyful Noise.

He has also made himself a name for producing, directing and starring in several short films and documentaries, out of which Long Live Toy was his most successful feature presentation.  The documentary focused on protecting children theatre and child artist so that they are not overwhelmed by stardom and get themselves into drugs and substance abuse like many child actors have done in the past.

Martin is already forty six years of age and has said several times that he is looking forward to his fifties. Martin isn’t a fan of social net working platforms like Twitter and Instagram and there is no substantial proof to determine whether he holds accounts at the various sites.

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