Secrets Behind Emily Ratajkowski's Perfect Body Figure; Does She Take Proper Balance Diet?

March 16, 2018
First Published On: March 16, 2018

What will you imagine if we say 'a perfect body'? Who will you remember? We don’t know about you, but, we will definitely remember, Emily Ratajkowski. Have you seen her body? She is the perfect example perfect body.


A perfect body is the symbol of a healthy diet and regular workouts. Being a model, one must have to maintain their bodies by working out and consuming a proper diet. Since we are talking about Emily's figure, let’s talk about the secret behind her perfect body figure.

The secret behind Emily Ratajkowski's perfect body

To maintain a slim and sexy body is very tough because one has to do lots of exercises and yoga. But there are a few people who don’t have to do lots of hard work to maintain their body. Emily lies in that group, that is, she stays as an ectomorph who doesn’t gain much muscle easily.

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CAPTION: Emily Ratajkowski SOURCE: Instagram

Like most of us, Emily also finds it hard to exercise and workout. In fact, she tends to save time not doing it at all. She only prefers to do it in her off day. In her free day, she also prefers to go to hiking for her refreshment as well as for fitness.

CAPTION: Emily Ratajkowski SOURCE: Instagram

Besides that, she also goes to the yoga classes but, only a couple of times a week. Apart from the physical workouts, it is also important for a model to be careful while eating. Scroll down to see what Emily’s daily plate contains.  

Emily Ratajkowski's daily diet

Usually, we get to hear that a model is restricted to eat foods which produce fat. But, Emily Ratajkowski who prefers less workout also prefers to do less dieting as her body doesn’t gain much muscle even after eating fatty foods.

CAPTION: Emily Ratajkowski feasting on a burger SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Emily Ratajkowski feasting on food SOURCE: Instagram

Starting from her breakfast routine as per her, she likes to have a pastry with black coffee. In her lunch, she usually prefers a salad or a sandwich. While being on set, she eats what is provided by the catering. And, as for her dinner, she likes to eat it with wine and cocktails outside with friends as she thinks that dinner is her time to be social.



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CAPTION: Emily Ratajkowski feasting on a cake SOURCE: Instagram

She also said that she is not one of those who only eats plain salad. She really likes to eat meat regularly. In fact, she said that she likes to give energy to her body to maintain the balance of it and to be healthy.


I’m cold.

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Bakery items consist of a lot of cholesterol and fatty acids but, that doesn’t stop Emily from consuming such items. But, she only indulges in those creamy soft foods few times a week. In her interview, she has revealed that she sometimes consumes cupcakes and croissant for breakfast.

What else makes Emily Ratajkowski's figure so perfect?

Apart from the diet and workouts, she also thinks that hydrating is an important factor for being fit. She also thinks that getting enough sleep helps her stay the same. And most importantly, she doesn’t go hard on herself.

CAPTION: Emily Ratajkowski in bikini SOURCE: Instagram

Well, we all know now the secret of Emily’s perfect body!