Sean Teale and alleged girlfriend, Adelaide Kane, dating since last year, moving in together

Sean Teale and his girlfriend Adelaide Kane, who are both stars of the hit TV Show ‘Reign’ are rumored to be moving in together after dating for over a year. Sean, who is from Britain, has been currently living in L.A.

Sources close to the pair have said that the couple where looking for a place. They have already seen some, but were not able to find one to their liking. Kane comes from Australia and has decided to stay in the U.S due to the various opportunities that have been coming her way.

Sean and Kane first met in the year 2013 when they began shooting for Reign. During the first few weeks of shooting, they remained cordial and professional. But after having completed season one, they began to see each other and finally began dating.

Sean and Kane, in the beginning of their relationship, were very secretive and managed to keep the whole affair between the two silent for quite a while. Even now, they have not yet publicly acknowledged the relationship.

However, sources close to the two have confirmed that they have been going out for a while now and have moved very far in their relationship and are now planning to move in together. Sean also refers to Kane as his girlfriend while spending time with his family and close friends.

Sean, on a professional scale, has had outstanding success. Prior to finding success in America, Sean was part of the popular Skins TV series in England. The TV show has a cult following and has been considered one of the best TV shows of the new millennium so far.

In the area of movies and films, Sean has been featured in five movies so far and his first major break in the movies came from last year’s “We are the Freaks”. The movie was screened at the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Sean, this year, has already worked in two major films and he starred alongside British legend Pierce Brosnan in the movie “Survivor”, which was a box office hit all over the world.

Sean’s nationality is British and he has a very diverse ethnicity. He is of a Venezuelan, Spanish and Welsh descent. Due to his diverse background, he has one of the best looking actors in the U.K currently. He also has been voted into the top ten sexy men in the U.K in 2015.

Sean’s parents are working class people who have no connection to the entertainment industry.  His father is an IT consultant and mother is a design advertising agent.

He is currently awaiting the premier of his latest TV series “Incorporated”. The TV show is set to premier early next year. Sean’s net worth remains undisclosed.