Sean Duffy and his wife expecting another baby? The couple already has 7 children together.

March 29, 2016
First published on:March 29, 2016

Who says people these days do not like to have many children? There are many couples out there who like to have many babies.

Yes today we are talking about the similar couple, Sean Duffy and his wife who love to keep the new ones coming.

The couple got married in 1999 after dating for several months. They already have seven children. Man! It is not three or four children we talking about, ‘they have seven children’. And now people are gossiping about them expecting yet another baby. Is it true? Let us find out.

Sean and his wife Rachel have been conceiving since 2000 in an average child spacing of 2. They gave birth to the first child in 2000.

In March 2014, Rachel posted a photo with Sean and with their baby number 7 in her belly. In that photo she was six month pregnant. She gave birth in around May the same year. By that time they have six children with age difference of two or three years but mostly two. Their elder child is 14 years old.

Now that it has been almost two years after they gave birth to their seventh offspring, people are expecting to hear the news of Rachel being pregnant.

The couple have not yet posted anything in their social media pages. On the top of that that there is no any legitimate proof to back up the couple expecting another baby.

Hence the gossip of Sean and his wife expecting yet another baby might not be true. The news might have appeared out of nowhere basing on the past experience bearing new ones in the average difference of two years.

Now that Sean and Rachel both are pushing their mid-forties, will she get pregnant again??

Well we do not know for sure if they are fertile enough now.

In an interview with Celebritybabycsoop in March 2014, Sean and Rachel were asked about having more babies despite being super modern mom. Rachel simply replied, “We’re the most fertile reality TV couple.” And cracked into laughter.

While the couple were interviewed, Rachel was six month pregnant with their seventh child. There Sean happily said, “Our family is also very much looking forward to the arrival of the newest addition to our Duffy clan”.

Well give all that long baby background, it is needless to say that their marriage has not lost the bliss of intimacy. And we hope that their love would last forever.

Sean and Rachel are one of those couples who fell in love because of the Reality TV.

Rachel, a cast member on ‘Real World San Francisco’ in 1994 met Sean (of Real world Boston fame). While the two were filming ‘Road Rules: All-Stars’ in 1998, both staunch Republicans. They hit if off quickly and ended up getting married.

The net worth of Sean is estimated to be $500 thousand.