Screenwriter Phil Hay talks about his upcoming movies of 2016 in his latest interview

HitBerryPublished on   06 Jan, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Screenwriter Phil Hay is eagerly awaiting the release of his latest movie “Ride Along 2” starring comedian Kevin Hart and actor Ice Cube. Phil has also recently talked about movies of his that are set to release this coming year with our sources.

Sources claim that Phil, in some way, feels that his previous movies were unfairly treated by the critics as most of his movies so far ” Clash of the Titans” ,”R.I.P.D” and “Ride Along” were all butchered by the critics.

However, Ride Along managed to be a box office success and fans appreciated the comedy very much. Phil’s latest movie “Ride Along 2” is scheduled to release on the 15th of January and he is positive that the sequel will surpass the first movie by leaps and bounds.

Ride Along 2 has large shoes to fill in as the first movie was called one of the best comedy movies of the year 2014. It also managed to gross $ 134.1 million in the box offices, making it by far the most successful movie Phil was a part of.

Sources claim that Phil has also said that the success of the first movie gave him the confidence and strength to write the sequel with a rejuvenated spirit. He is determined that the fans will love this even more than the first installment.

Phil’s other movie, which released last year, was “The Invitation”. It was short movie with a run time of only seven minutes. It was screened at many film festivals around the world and received favorable reviews. The movie also helped show the world a different technique and exemplified Phil’s style of writing.

The movie was a mystery and suspense. Phil had never before tried his hands on this genre. He has found that he is actually good at it.

Phil is also known for writing most of his scripts with his writer friend Matt Manfredi.

Phil, on a personal level, has had a quiet life so far. He has been married to his wife Karyn Kusama for a number of years and they are known to be very happy together. Karyn is a director and has worked with Phil in several of his projects. They worked together in “Aeon Flux “and “The Invitiation”.

Phil and Karyn have only one son, Michio Hay. But recently, they have been hinting at the possibility of more children, claim sources.

Phil has no projects underway as he is patiently awaiting the outcome of “Ride Along 2”.

Phil’s exact age still remains a mystery, but sources close to him have said that he is in his early fifties. He is also not into social net working and communicates with his fans through interviews and talk shows.

Phil’s net worth remains undisclosed.