Scott Foley's Love Journey: A Comprehensive List Of His Past Girlfriends And Current Wife

Scott Foley has enchanted audiences with his compelling performances on both small and big screens. Widely recognized for his roles in popular television shows like "The Unit," "Scrubs," "Felicity," and "Scandal," as well as his memorable appearance in the film Scream 3, he has showcased his versatile acting skills. 

Off-screen, Foley has found happiness in his current marriage to Marika Dominczyk. It's noteworthy that before this union, Foley was previously married to the acclaimed actress Jennifer Garner, adding an intriguing chapter to his journey.

Happily Married To Marika Dominczyk

Scott Foley and Marika Dominczyk embarked on their marital journey on June 5, 2007, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Lanai, Hawaii. The wonderful couple had previously gotten engaged in October 2006, marking the beginning of their lifelong commitment. 

MarikaScott Foley with his wife, Marika Dominczyk SOURCE: Marika Dominczyk Instagram @themeanchick

Recently, Foley and Dominczyk decided to make a change in their living arrangements, choosing to reside in the serene surroundings of Connecticut since 2020. This shift brought them closer to a different pace of life, away from the bustling city lights. Before their Connecticut chapter, the duo called Los Angeles their home.

How Did Foley Meet His Wife? 

Scott and Marika's love story began on the set of the TV show "The Help," where their paths first crossed. His wife, portraying the character Anna, the Nanny on the show, caught his attention both on and off-screen. Their initial encounters turned into meaningful conversations, and a genuine connection started to blossom. 

The chemistry that sparked between Foley and Dominczyk eventually evolved into a beautiful romance. The shared moments on the show became the foundation of their relationship, proving that sometimes, love can unexpectedly find its way into the most unexpected places. 

Parents To Three Kids

Foley and Dominczyk have embraced the joys of parenthood, blessed with three adorable children who bring laughter and love into their lives. Their eldest, a beautiful daughter named Malina Jean Foley, graced the world with her presence in November 2009, marking the beginning of their parenting journey. 

MalinaScott Foley kids, Malina, Keller, and Konrad Foley SOURCE: Marika Dominczyk Instagram @themeanchick

Two years later, the Foley family expanded with the arrival of their son Keller Aleksander Foley on April 17, 2012, adding even more warmth to their household. The trio was completed with the birth of their youngest son, Konrad Foley, born on November 13, 2014. 

The Last Frame Before 'I Do'

Foley and Dominczyk's wedding may not have been extensively documented, but a precious snapshot from the night before stands as a heartfelt memento. As the couple strolled back to their hotel room in Lanai, she expressed the desire for a 'last photo' before officially becoming husband and wife. 

In that candid moment, the camera captured the essence of Scott and Marika's love—the anticipation, the joy, and the intimacy of the impending union. The actor reflects on the image, noting her undeniable beauty and expressing his deep love for her. Though the wedding may not be thoroughly recorded, this singular photograph encapsulates the true essence of the couple's love story.

About Foley's Wife Marika Dominczyk

Marika Dominczyk has left an indelible mark on the entertainment world through her memorable performances. Widely recognized for her role as Bernadette in the comedy classic "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (the film starring Elisabeth Anne Carell's father, Steve Carell) and her compelling portrayal of Dr. Eliza Minnick in the acclaimed series "Grey's Anatomy," 

MarikaMarika Dominczyk in Family Feud SOURCE: Family Feud YouTube Channel

Dominczyk showcases her versatility on both the big and small screens. Beyond her on-screen accomplishments, it's worth noting the unique pronunciation of her Polish surname, Dominczyk, which is pronounced as Do-MIN-chick. This linguistic nuance adds a touch of cultural richness to her identity, reflecting her heritage. 

How Has Foley's Wife Described Her?

Marika Dominczyk offers a charming glimpse into their relationship, revealing the endearing qualities that make her husband truly special. In an interview with People, the actress shared her admiration for his woodworking skills, describing him as exceptionally sexy when engaged in this hands-on craft. 

Dominczyk finds allure in the way he transforms raw wood into something beautiful, with his sweat-soaked appearance and flexed biceps adding to the appeal. She highlights Scott's versatility, praising his ability to not only master woodworking but also tackle household repairs, from fixing dishwashers to tinkering with electronics. 

Failed Marriage To Jennifer Garner

Scott Foley's journey through love has had its share of ups and downs, notably marked by his first marriage to Jennifer Garner. The two actors tied the knot on October 19, 2000, amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. However, despite the initial promise, their union faced challenges that led to a heartbreaking announcement of their breakup in April 2003.

JenniferScott Foley's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner SOURCE: The Kelly Clarkson Show YouTube Channel

The divorce papers, a window into the more personal aspects of Foley and Garner's relationship, unveiled the official date of their separation as March 23, 2003. The failed marriage served as a poignant chapter in the actor's life, a reminder that even in the world of stars, love stories don't always follow the script. While it might have been a difficult period for them, it also paved the way for new beginnings and personal growth.

How Had Foley Met His Ex-wife?

Scott Foley's connection with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, unfolded in the realm of television, serendipitously weaving the threads of fate. The stars aligned in 1998 when she made a guest appearance on the TV series "Felicity." In this twist of destiny, she took on the role of the long-distance girlfriend of one of the main characters, Noel Crane, portrayed by Scott. 

Foley and Garner's on-screen interactions during the two episodes of the show planted the seeds for a real-life connection that transcended the boundaries of the script. Little did they know that this professional collaboration would blossom into a personal relationship, leading to their eventual marriage in 2000.

The Unscripted Divorce Of Foley And Garner

Scott Foley's reflections on his divorce from Jennifer Garner shed light on the complexities of relationships in the spotlight. In an interview with TV Guide in October 2003, just five months after filing for divorce, the actor emphasized that no third party played a role in their separation. 

Foley acknowledged Jennifer's rise to fame, recognizing and celebrating her deserved success in becoming a huge celebrity and star. In a poignant and mature perspective, he conveyed that divorces often happen without any single person being at fault. It becomes a shared experience, a journey through the ebbs and flows of life that no one individual can claim responsibility for. 

In Scott's words, as mentioned in US Magazine, "People get divorced, you know? Through no one’s fault and everyone’s fault." This candid acknowledgment encapsulates the nuanced nature of relationships and the inevitability of change, even in the lives of those living in the public eye.

What Did Garner Said About The Divorce?

Jennifer Garner shed light on the challenges she and Scott faced within the fast-paced world of Hollywood. In candid reflections, the actress expressed a sentiment of being a victim of the industry's relentless pace, where decisions are often accelerated and relationships may bear the brunt of this high-speed lifestyle, as reported in InStyle

Garner noted that in the whirlwind of Hollywood if something is deemed not working, the prevailing attitude is to bring it to an abrupt end without much contemplation. She offered a poignant contrast, suggesting that if their lives were rooted in a different, more unhurried setting, like her West Virginia upbringing, their story might have taken a different course, potentially allowing their relationship to endure. 


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