Comedy’s royal family- Eugene and Dan Levy on Schitt’s Creek

HitBerry TeamPublished on   29 Apr, 2019Updated on   29 Apr, 2019

Eugene Levy has definitely become somewhat of a cult classic in recent times, based on his role as Noah Levenstein on the megahit sex comedy movies, the American Pie series. His role as a clueless dad in the franchise turned him into a beloved character by many, and Eugene himself considers it to be a major turning point of his career.

The Levy’s and the Show-Biz

Poster of the show Schitts Creek

Euegene Levy seems to be doing better than ever now, with his new comedy show, Schitt’s Creek on its fifth season, currently airing on CBC Television network. And you know what else he’s got going for himself? He actually gets to work with his real-life children in the show. That’s right.

Actor Dan Levy who plays the role of Eugene’s onscreen son David, in this hit Canadian comedy is actually his son. And what’s more is that his daughter, Sarah Levy, is also a part of the cast. Talk about it being a family affair!

In an interview with TIME, Eugene recalls the first time that Dan approached him with the idea of the show. He says,

“Early into the process, it was hitting me that he’s a very good writer, much more advanced in terms of story writing than I thought. We put a pilot together and next thing you know, we’re going into our third season.”

Levy’s family life

Funny pictures of Levy's family

The only family member who might feel a little left out at the dining table may be none other than Eugene’s wife, Deborah Divine, as her whole family is into the acting gig. Not much information is known about Levy’s wife, all being kept private and under wraps.

What we do know is that they were married in 12 June, 1977, and have two beautiful kids together. Dan was born on 9th of August, 1983, while Sarah was born three years later in 1986, on the 10th of September.

And although, Deborah might not share the same acting blood as her other family members, she does share a similar passion for the industry in the form of screenwriting. When Deborah was pregnant, Eugene reminiscences about them having a tough time deciding between raising kids amidst all the show-biz craze or moving back to Canada, which is where Eugene is originally from.

What did they choose?

Dan and Sarah Levy on the birthday

Well, the latter. They moved back to Toronto to ensure that their kids had all the options available for them moving ahead in life, and were not just bound by the show-biz culture. The irony in that move however, as Eugene himself admits, is that both his kids eventually wounded up with their careers in the entertainment sector.

In fact, Eugene’s son, Dan Levy, was so adamant on making it on his own, that during his time on MTV Canada, he barely mentioned being his dad’s son.

Dan and Sarah Levy

Dan and Sarah Levy in formal dress

Speaking of Dan, on the show Schitt’s Creek, he plays the role of a pansexual character. So what could be his inspiration behind writing such a socially conscious and barely represented demographic in TV? Probably real life events. Dan actually came out as gay to his parents when he was just 18. And he remembers them being very supportive of his announcement.

Sarah Levy seems to be just as passionate about acting as her brother and father. In a 2017 interview with Hello magazine, she says,

“Having grown up around it, it just seemed like such a natural thing for [Dan and I]. I don’t ever remember not wanting to [pursue acting].”

So, it’s safe to say that the Levy family is pretty cozy with one another and love their jobs working as a family. Let’s hope that their comedy antics will continue to thrive and prosper.