Scandal star Paul Adelstein, age 46, and wife Liza Weil expecting a baby

November 3, 2015
First published on:November 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Scandal star Paul Adelstein, aged 46, and wife Liza Weil are expecting a baby!! A source close to the star couple has revealed to us that the happily married husband and wife are going to have a baby pretty soon.

The insider informed us that the American television and film actor’s wife might be pregnant at the moment. They said that the couple, who tied the knot in 2006, is over the moon as they are going to be parents very soon.

“Both Paul and Liza are extremely happy and are excited to welcome their little bundle of joy in the family. They have already shared the news with both of their families and friends as well,” said the source.

 It further added: “You won’t believe how excited they both are. They are literally dancing with joy and they have made all sort of plans for their unborn baby.”

The insider seemed to have all the information regarding Adelstein and Weil. It was rather excited and enjoyed every moment as it poured out details about Weil’s pregnancy. The gossipmonger stated that the couple, despite sharing the good news with their friends and families won’t be giving the same treatment to the media and the public. According to the source, the lovely pair have decided to keep Weil’s pregnancy a secret, which is why they haven’t said anything about it in any of their recent interviews.

“They will neither be announcing it publicly nor be sharing any of the stuff about the pregnancy with the media. They have decided to keep it a secret and will only announce it after the birth of the baby,” the source further revealed.

So, looks like the media and the fans of this lovely couple would be unknown about Weil’s pregnancy until next year when the child would be born. But now that we have gotten hold of the information, the secret won’t be secret any more (wink).

As per the informant, the Prison Break star and How to Get Away with Murder fame Weil has made all the preparations for their soon to be born child. “They have done everything needed for the kid. Nothing is lacking as the to-be-father has proudly been taking care of everything his wife and baby need in the future,” explained the insider.

So, it looks like the child to be born to the couple won’t be having any sort of problem as papa has taken care of everything he needs.

Adelstein and Weil got married in a Reform Jewish ceremony in November 2006. The couple met each other while working on several theatrical projects together. The two have been in three film films together. They also shared screen on ABC medical drama, Private Practice in 2011 but didn’t have any scenes together. 

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