Scandal star Jeff Perry opens up about portraying a gay character on the show

November 3, 2015
First Published On: November 3, 2015
by HitBerry

 Scandal star Jeff Perry, aged 60, does not usually talk about his gay character in Shonda Rhimes’ political drama “Scandal”. But this time, he has. The American stage, television, and film actor, who portrays the role of Cyrus Rutherford Beene, White House Chief of Staff in the ABC political drama, believes that his role is quite iconic.

Perry, who is straight in his real life, currently plays the role of gay Beene and husband to his on-screen partner James Novak, played by none other than gay actor Dan Bucatinsky. The actor, despite being married to a woman in his actual life, has been portraying the homosexual character of Beene quite fantastically and he feels that such an openly gay character in a much loved show like Scandal has created a lots of possibilities for all gay actors and gay people out there who have been struggling for equal rights and opportunities.

Though his character is a bit negative and ambitious at the same time, the star stated that the negativity gave the character depth and it did not mean that every single gay possessed similar traits. He added to the fact that everybody including gay and straight people had good and bad qualities in them and that’s what his character had been reflecting all these seasons.

Talking about his character, Beene has a quiet yet ambitious personality, but is a blind supporter of the President. He is so faithful towards him that Beene is even ready to kill or to be killed for him. He was also a mentor to Olivia Pope’s character played by Kerry Washington, as well as her good friend. Beene was the campaign manager for the President during his gubernatorial campaigns and his first presidential run.

Beene, being gay, is married to James Novak, who is a political journalist. Despite being in a relationship, the couple undergoes several relationship issues throughout the series which, according to Perry, are common among straight couples as well.

The ginger haired star might be a straight actor playing a gay character in the Scandal, but his on screen husband James Novak portrayed by Bucatinsky is gay in real life. Bucatinsky has been married to screenwriter Don Roos since 2008. They met each other in 1998 when Roos invited him to be his date at the premiere of Love Field. The couple has two children, daughter Eliza and son Jonah.

And talking about talented Mr. Perry himself, he married actress Laurie Metcalf in 1983. But unfortunately, the couple separated in 1992. They even had a daughter, actress Zoe Perry in 1984, but they divorced. He is currently married to Grey's Anatomy's casting director, Linda Lowy. They have an adorable daughter named Leah and the couple is happily married.