Saul Alvarez and Amir Khan: Khan is ready for the fight.

Saul Alvarez Vs Amir Khan: Just imagine guys! What do you think?

Amir Khan asserts that he is sure to handle Saul "Canelo" Alvarez’s power when they collide in Las Vegas Well! Good Luck from our side

 Mirror reports that Khan has taken a break from his career not only once but twice but he has to say that trainer Virgil Hunter has taught him how to take a punch Now the show would show if he can really take a punch or he ends up getting a blow on his handsome face.

Khan keeps on insisting that he has that jab and speed and strength enough to keep Saul in check t means he is somehow sure to upset Canelo His statements keeps on raising up the audiences and their expectations.

He said, "The shots I've been hit with, I think anyone would have gone down," said the former two-time world champ, at today's Grand Arrivals at the MGM Grand.

Further, "I've been caught with flash knockdowns, but Virgil has made sure I'm always balanced. If I get hit with a clean shot now, I'm not off balance. "The key is the jab. I know something is going to come back and is going to hurt, so I have to be on my A-game. He is a world champion and you have to respect that. You have to take these risks sometimes.”

Explicitly stated the following "In terms of speed and skill, I believe I'm way ahead of Canelo. If I get my game plan right, it's winnable."

Whoa! That was we must say quite a straightforward. Is that a confidence or an over- confidence?

Here is the latest tweet from Alvarez.

Finally he concludes saying "I have the experience. Being a little bit older and having the amateur pedigree, as well from switching to training from Britain to America as a pro, I've worked with so many top-class fighters. I'm going to use all of that experience on Saturday. "The guy is beatable. We've seen that a good boxer can give him problems, and I'm a good boxer." And he certainly is.

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