Saturday Night Live star Kyle Mooney denies gay rumors, talks about what he looks for in a girlfriend

Saturday Night Live star Kyle Mooney has been denying gay rumors ever since they started circulating all around the nation. The comedian, who is most popularly known for his man-on-the-street interviews with host Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, has always been under the radar of media, not just for his talent but also for his sexuality. The American actor has been dubbed gay by countless people and the media as well. But the comedian is not yet ready to buy into all the false rumors about his sexual orientation spread by nasty people.

The Saturday Night Live star is straight. And if he were gay, he would have never been afraid to admit his true sexuality publicly. After all, America is a free country and even same sex marriage is legal now. If you are still not convinced, we have even better proof to prove you that Mooney is heterosexual.

He has dated women in the past. Yes people! The co-founder of the sketch comedy group ‘Good Neighbor’ is attracted to women not men. He has dated several beautiful ladies previously. A source close to the actor and comedian gave us all the inside scoop on his personal life including his dating history and what qualities he expects his future girlfriend to possess.

The insider revealed that Mooney is currently single and all ready to mingle if he finds a suitable girlfriend. The anonymous source claimed that they had close ties with the comedian and had a lot of information on his day to day life.

“Kyle is straight and I know it. He has dated three women in the past. Unfortunately, things did not work out with any of them. He has been denying all these nasty rumors about him being gay, but the media is continuously feeding people with all this false gossip about him. He is deeply saddened by people’s attitude towards him, but he does not want to show it publicly because he knows they love him no matter what,” revealed the source.

The insider further added: “So Kyle has been looking for a girlfriend because he wants people to start believing that he is heterosexual. But he is not desperate. He says that he can wait for his perfect partner to find him.” And here ‘perfect’ means serious business.

“He has certain criteria for his future girlfriend or wife. He does not want a girl who is just pretty from the outside. He would love to be with someone who is beautiful from within.

“He is a comedian and he is usually busy with SNL and movies. So, he wants a woman who would understand him and his work. He wants a woman who would understand the real him and with whom he could see himself getting married in the future,” concluded the gossip monger.

So, we wish this talented young comedian all the best and hope he finds the ‘perfect’ love for his life pretty soon.

He has an estimated net worth of around $0.6 million dollars.