Satcha Pretto and husband Aaron Butler, married since 2013, might be having another baby

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Satcha Pretto and her long time boyfriend Aaron Butler were married in the year 2013. The wedding took place in Satcha’s home town of La Paz in Honduras and was attended by a number of prominent people from Honduras as well as a huge number of friends and family from Aaron’s side. There was also an extravagant celebration in Barcelona, Spain, which was considered the event of the year in Spain.

 After the wedding, the couple was seen on their honeymoon in the French Rivera and the southern coast of Italy. They were on a month long honeymoon. They were both extremely happy and said that they did not feel like coming back to their lives and even thought about staying there for a longer time.

Exactly after a year of marriage, Satcha and Aaron welcomed their baby boy, Bruce Aaron Butler. He was born in Barcelona, Spain, where the couples had taken up residence after their marriage. Bruce was born on July 12 at 10:47 am. The couple tweeted that exactly a year back they promised each other eternal love and today we anxiously await the birth of our baby.

This July 12 Bruce celebrated his 1st birthday with his parents in a wholesome party where Satcha and Aaron’s friends to came with their kids and Bruce had a lot of company to himself. Satcha and Aaron when questioned about the rumors going around that they were planning on making another baby, the couple quickly dispelled any such rumors saying that at the moment they are busy taking care of Bruce. He might have a sibling, but not in a year or two.

Satcha and Aaron have shared Bruce’s photo with the world in their Facebook page. Satcha had announced that she was pregnant on the Univision morning show, which she has been hosting for years now. The photo’s of the new baby was first shown in the Univision show.

Satcha is known professionally for her Univision morning show Despierta America. This is the most popular show among the Spanish speaking population in America. In countries which have Spanish speaking population, Satcha is a household name for her show.

Satcha began her career as a radio jockey while she was in school and she even broadcasted the show in her school uniform for over a year. After getting a scholarship for a University in Texas, her career moved forward and she bagged her first television journalist reporter and anchoring job.

After a number of jobs for Univison affiliate channels, she was given the job of the host of Despierta America. Since then, her career has been soaring. Satcha is very active on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter alone, she has over 313K followers and regularly tweets online. On Instagram she has over 343K followers and can be followed as satchapretto.


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