Sarah Rafferty and husband Aleksanteri Seppala expecting a third baby!!!

November 1, 2015
First published on:November 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Are actress Sarah Rafferty and her husband Aleksanteri Seppala expecting a third baby??

Sarah is a mother of two adorable daughters; Oona Gray and Iris Firday and now it looks like the Suits star is not satisfied with only two kids. She wants more and it has been rumored that the actress and her dear husband are already planning to have their third baby.

A source has reported that this hot actress, aged 42 is eager to expand her family of four by welcoming yet another soul in the house. According to the source, the mother of two wants to have her third child because she loves kids very much and she enjoys motherhood and the pleasure in the pain that every woman endures while giving birth.

“Sarah has always been a very child-friendly person. She loves children and not just hers, but everyone’s. She respects the pain of labor and believes that it brings more pleasure in a mother,” said the insider.

He added: “She really wants to have another child because her younger daughter is already three and she thinks a three year gap is enough for a woman to have another child. And this time she says, “I would love to have a son”. Not because she is not fond of girls, but because one baby boy in the family would bring some change in their lives.”

As per the informant, Oona and Iris really want to have a cuddly little brother in their family. Oona already has a younger sister and she wants a brother whom she and Iris could play with. “Seppala too would love to have a little son, his buddy,” said the insider.

But what if they plan the baby but it turns out to be a girl? Would they just abort it? What do you think?

Well, the answer is no. You know why? Because Sarah and her husband are not callous human beings!! As we mentioned before, Rafferty loves kids more than anything in this world and she would not be so cruel to abort a baby just because it is a girl..

The informant stated: “They want a son. But even if the child is a girl, they are going to have it anyway. A boy or a girl makes no difference for the couple. They would love to welcome their third child, no matter the baby’s gender.”

The source further explained that though the couple was planning to conceive their third child very soon, they have decided to keep it very low profile as they don’t the media to know about it. Sorry Sarah, we already know your pretty little secret!!

Rafferty married her stock research analyst husband in 2001, at the Roman Catholic church of St. Mary in Greenwich, Connecticut. They are happily married and live with their two daughters.

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