Sarah Jane Mee is the first to attend high school in her family. She has no husband or boyfriend.

October 21, 2016
First published on:October 21, 2016
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Sarah-Jane Mee is a ‘Sky News’ and ‘Sky Sports’ presenter. She graduated from the ‘University of Manchester’ and joined Sky Sports as a runner, prior to her success. And hey, do you know that she is the first person in her family to go into higher education. Yea, you heard me right.

Speaking about her looks, she is a hell of a looker. But the weird thing is that she hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship so far. Find out what she has to say about these stuffs.

Is she really the first person to go for higher education?

Yes, it does look like she is the first person to get a higher degree in her family. And she was followed by her younger sister named ‘Victoria’ who is now a forensic psychologist. 

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Does Sarah have a husband or a boyfriend?

As indicated by, she is currently dating but not looking for a serious relationship for now. This is what she said when she was asked about her boyfriend, “I’ve had some fabulous relationships I’m just not in one at the moment,”

She adds up, “I’m dating, which is fun, but I’m so busy that if I’m going to have a relationship then they have to be really special and add something to my life. As far as babies go, I’ve always wanted a brilliant partnership first and foremost and if children were to come along then that would be amazing.” 

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

It brought confusion in my mind at this moment. Cuz she said she is not in a relationship at first and then confirmed that she is dating later on. I am pretty sure you are as confused as I am right now. löl.

What is she engaged with these days?

At present, since October 2016; Mee has been co-hosting a program called ‘Sunrise’ on Mondays to Thursdays from 6 in the morning to 10, alongside ‘Jonathan Samuels’ after Holmes left it after 11 years.  

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