Sarah Harding fired from Coronation Street after Twitter criticized her acting, also split with her boyfriend after 8 months of dating

July 30, 2015
First Published On: July 30, 2015

Well, they said there is nothing stronger than the people’s voice and people’s voice is what has cost Sarah Harding her job. The British singer, no doubt remains loved for her songs, but her apparent four episodes tryout on the hit UK series Coronation Streets can simply be termed as a “major embarrassment.” Fans of the show were literally shocked seeing the singer’s appalling performance, while, a month before, Coronation Streets fan were eager to see the singer in the show. With Twitter going crazy over her acting, it’s not wrong to say fans were unhappy with her performance.

One fan wrote:

'Sarah Harding is literally the worst actress ever it physically pains me.' A similar tweet followed:

“Catching up with #coronation street... oh dear Sarah Harding... not good... not good at all.' Another fan was a bit nicer stating:

'Well, Sarah Harding is a much better singer than actress,' another wrote, in a back-handed compliment.”

And to top it off, it has been confirmed that the singer has parted ways with some eight-month long boyfriend Jason. Jason who? Well, she was so private with her relationship this time that that all she said was that she had been dating boyfriend Jason. Not even his full name. They did look great together and yes, we liked Jason’s tattoo. Nonetheless, she confirmed that the two separated on happy terms and that they both are heading to their separate ways. After breaking up with former boyfriend DJ Crane, she was in all sorts of messed up situation and checked into rehab for “alcohol” and depression. Now at age 33, she is sure to not repeat those acts again. She also had brief affairs with Theo Van Dries and Mark Foster. 

Based in Manchester, Sarah is an English singer-songwriter and dancer who rose to fame as she appeared on the reality television show Popstars: The Rivals on ITV. Harding had won a place as a member of the girl group, Girls Aloud in the show and after their formation, the group went on to have massive success with twenty consecutive top ten singles in the UK. The group has received five BRIT Award nominations and won "Best Single" award in 2009 for their song "The Promise". The other members have also gone to pursue acting, starring in different series.

Harding was also in news at start of the year as there were rumors she had gone a plastic surgery. People were shocked when the singer came to the Tesco Mum of the Year awards with no visible wrinkles and a puffy face- covered in her usual hair-style. Fans definitely did not like the look questioning why she ever resorted to it. Comparing her pictures on Instagram, one can clearly see the enhanced lips and a puffier face. Why a girl as beautiful as her would think of resorting to such measures is anybody's guess. As they say, you can never really be satisfied.