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Sarah DiSanto, Married to Nate Parker in 2007, Beautiful Couple with Different Ethnicity

July 7, 2016
First published on:July 7, 2016
by John

Look at this one hell of a beautiful couple!

The two good looking people from two different ethnicities got married to each other and they look absolutely adorable. The blend of chocolate and vanilla is just so awesome.

Sarah is from white ethnicity and Parker is African American. You might be curious to know about their love story, right? How did they meet??

Sarah was Parker’s high school love and definitely the love at first sight. Anyone could hardly resist such an angelic beauty though. Then they fell in love and dated and got married. Simple!

They tied a knot in 2007 and now they are living a blissful life with their three children. They are a blessed couple.

Nate and Sarah together    Source: theballerlife

If you are not the fan of Parker then you would surely be unknown with the truth that Parker was accused of a rape in 1999 and the rape charges were cleared in 2001. In spite of being familiar with these truths, Sarah accepted Parker. If this is not a true love then tell us what else does this imply.

Almost every country is independent now but again those racist thoughts are still deep rooted in people's mind. They say they don't care for any race, they are not biased but they try to get married to person from the same race. 

But this couple proves the real meaning of independence where Sarah married the one she loves and she did not care for his race.

Their love is way different than others. Their marriage is made of immense love and unbreakable bond and the race did not matter to them. And yes, they give the true example of love.  

Though Parker has kept his personal life at the low public profile, there is vast information about his professional life on the internet. The guy is a multi-dimensionally brilliant person. Let me highlight his achievements.

He was an all-American wrestler and later he became the computer-programmer and also he is interested in charity works as he is both a volunteer wrestling coach and political activist.

The career of Parker seems quite interesting. It became more interesting when he entered in the entertainment world and gained fame with his roles in the movies like Beyond the Lights, Red Tails, The Secret Life of Bees, etc. And his great work as an actor made him nominated for the Black Reel Awards for two times and Image awards for three times.

With his growing name and fame, he has amassed a net worth of $ 3 million. And he is now a director, writer, producer and a musical performer too. Hmm! The young man has achieved a lot and yet has a long way to go. Good Luck!!


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