Sarah Bolger Dating Julian Morris after Freddie Highmore. Was she pregnant with Freddie's child?

Have you watched the TV series The Tudors or even Once Upon a TIme? There has been one lady who surely can't take your eyes off the screen. Sarah Bolger who is popularly known as Lady Mary and Princess Aurora has been associated with us since her childhood and with such a long term association comes challenges and news.

Always a part of media for various reasons Sarah was not left behind even with pregnancy rumours . Afterall her pregnancy gossip did shock the whole fraternity for sure.

Irish actress Bolger is not only famous for her TV series and films, she is also known among people for dating two heart throbs- Freddie Highmore and Julian Morris. Freddie was her first boyfriend with whom she was rumored of getting pregnant.

Sarah Bolger’s relation with Freddie Highmore

Sarah dated her first boyfriend Freddie who is an actor  and they worked together in the movie The Spiderwick Chronicles.  it is supposed that the two fell for each other during the filming of the movie and started dating  after that. A website says that the couple dated from 2006-2009.

Sarah and Freddie kissing each other     Source:

Do you think kissing gets the girl pregnant? Obviously a big no. And I dont think this much intimacy would make anyone pregnant. Though the picture shows that there was a passionate love between them but it does not mean they were in such a deep love that Sarah would get pregnant for a guy in her teenage.

If the news was true then, either Sarah or Freddie would have confirmed about it but they never did.  Either  god knows or the couplewho have already split.

 Sarah Bolger’s relationship with Julian Morris

Though a website shows Sarah’s relation with Julian since 2012 to 2016 and everyone has been considering them as a couple but they never made an official announcement about their relation. Appearing together in the  Once Upon a Time, there was seen some kind of special bond between them but they were like we are just a good friends!

As New Girl actor Morrison loves keeping his personal life secret, his fans are always hunting to get a clue about his love life.And well Julian seems very much in love, actually both of them and they deifnitely do not need a confirmation in person as their posts shout their love quite loud.


Sarah Bolger Movies and Career

Sarah Bolger       Source: ">youtube

Talking about her movies and series, starting the journey at the very small age of 8 years with the role of Eileen Clooney in a film named “A Love Divided” she is now able to be at the top  of success.

The 2003 movie “In America” proved to be a career-changing movie for her as she was nominated for various awards for her role (Christy) in the movie. She garnered the attention of various people and was offered for different movies and series.

Sarah’s movie credits Tara Road, Stormbreaker, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Kiss Me, etc and some of her TV series includes A Secret Affair, The Clinic, Once Upon a Time, Mixology, etc. And she would be appearing in a new movie "Emelie.

Here is a trailer for you:

Short bio of Sarah Bolger

Sarah was born in Dublin Ireland on 28 February 1991 from her parents Monica and Derek Bolger. The beautiful girl attended The Young People’s Theatre School and Loreto High School, Beaufort from 2003 to 2009. Looking at her successful career, her net worth is estimated to be at millions but not the exact amount is disclosed yet.