Sara Shepard is working on a new book series.

May 1, 2016
First published on:May 1, 2016
by HitBerry

The pretty little liars author Sara Shepard is working on new book series. The 37-year-old  author has produced nearly 30 novels in less than 10 years, and two of her fiction franchises (PLL included) have seen success on the small screen. With both of her previous works, pretty little liars and The lying Game turned into television shows on freeform,  she has more series on the way which have already been picked up for the production.

Sarah Shepard is seen in the middle along with the pretty little liars stars.

Source: Yahoo

The adaptation of the Pretty Little Liars TV series has proved quite successful with 7 seasons, however, her The Lying Game did not make it after 2 seasons. It’s too bad that the show was canceled after that.

However, there is good news is in store for the fans, two more of PLL author Sara Shepard’s other book series have been picked up for adaptation from major networks.

Her New Book Series’ The Perfectionists’ which is not yet released recently got a CW Adaptation.

A tiny bit of information about the book is out, and it is said that it will revolve around a murder mystery  and the series will be written and executive produced by Arika Lisanne Mittman, who has previously worked on Showtime’s Dexter, and is just one of two new Shepard book-based series recently ann.

This is not over yet, her other book series Heiress was recently picked by the Bravo Television Network for small screen adaption.

A bunch of girls who are heiresses to their grandfather’s billion-dollar diamond business, killed one by one while remaining ones are trying to solve the mystery before they become the next victim, I’ll say mysteriously delicious plot to look out for isn’t it?

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