Samsung Galaxy Surfboard: Invention to new phase or Company’s Biggest Failure

HitBerryPublished on   18 Apr, 2016Updated on   28 May, 2021

Surfing is one sport with eco-nature – surfing along with waves of an ocean. For professionals, how do you feel when you get advice and get connected to your coach even there are no means of connectivity? Maybe you lost the way home in the sea, what if it is possible to send information to your family and friends that you are safe?

Samsung Brasil, partnered with Leo Brunett Tailor unveiled the very first digital surfboard that connects you with your loving ones. Samsung has been a huge client for World Sports, especially for WSL (World Surf League) and ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Tour. Samsung has now strengthened its bond with World Sports inventing a surfboard that allows the rider to get connected with family, friends and fans.

The revolution in Samsung Digital came first with Smartphone, followed by Samsung Gear and Samsung VR. But who might have thought that next invention would be Surfboard? Samsung Brasil unveiled the concept featuring WSL Champion Gabriel Medina. This smart apparatus was made with the partnership with Johnny Cabianca, the person responsible for making surfboards, especially for Gabriel Medina. This surfboard was first tested in Sao Paulo on 26th April during a practice session.

The Surfboard project is one extraordinary design made by Samsung that took a year and a half just for a prototype. The surfboard is built with the onboard screen with LED light. This screen is able to show the feed from twitter, messages and real-time information about the sea waves. This is not an independent surfboard as it requires Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone to be inserted in order for the board to activate.  It seems the surfboard is not the complete form of the invention as it needs a smartphone as its brain.

IFrameApart from that, there is a reason why people might not give priority to the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard. The idea of connecting people is excellent but what if the rider gets distracted from the feed on the screen. For surfers, the biggest risk is drowning, riptides, surfing crowds, waves and shark attacks. Yearly, more than 21 people are the victim of surfing that can ultimately cause death. Even if the surfboard is smart and gives warning, does it actually gives any other preventive measures against such danger?

Samsung, competing with Apple Company might move forward or else ruin its brand equity with this invention. Surely it can the very first smart sports technology in the world but what if it goes wrong? The whole world will think of it nonsense tech ever that didn’t work.