Is it Really Safe to use Samsung and Apple Phones? Find out their SAR value

April 19, 2017
First published on:April 19, 2016
by HitBerry

With the wide varieties of brands and companies competing in the market, people choose that phone with highest brand equity, popularity and features. Samsung and Apple both are tech giants fighting for a parallel in a context of phones. So, why are these top brands are not safe? Is it safe to use these phones? Find out now!

Do you know the phone you are using emits radiation? If you don't know, the radiation is so dangerous that it can affect your brain and your reproductive organs. The phone usually emits intense radiation while dialling or receiving calls, but even when a phone is off. Whatever the brand may be, all phones emit such radiation. Such radiation is tested through SAR.

Why is SAR Value Dangerous?

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the signal of the volume of radiation absorbed by the body while using a phone. The highest the SAR value, higher the radiation absorbed and vice-versa. The SAR rating is a degree of energy absorbed by the unprotected tissue of human using a phone over a period. It is calculated in Watts per KG (W/kg).

Most of the people are mistaken assuming the low SAR rating in phone decreases the exposure of radiation to radio frequency, or say safe to use than the phone with high SAR rating. But, SAR value is not a single thing to consider, it is just the standard to measure provided by FCC and FDA. It is not reliable and trustworthy to know the SAR value, as it is tested in normal condition. The RF intensity to expose depends on upon the situation and usage conditions.

SAR value indicates the intensity of radiation that a phone might emit in a standard situation. The standard SAR value for the USA is 1.6 W/kg and 2W/kg for the European Union. The normal SAR value is taken as safer measured at 1W/kg.


Samsung Phones are tested and authorised by FCC, but in the case of some models, the SAR value exceeds the normal rating. For instance, Galaxy Note series SAR extends from 0.32 to 0.63 W/kg. And for the Samsung S series, the SAR extends from 0.82 to 1.47 W/kg.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the phone with highest SAR value, 1.47 W/kg. You can measure the SAR level of your Samsung phone: Samsung SAR Tester

Samsung SAR checker


Apple iPhone Series SAR value is similar enough. The SAR level ranges from 0.67 to 1.19 W/kg. The iPhone 3Gs is the lowest radiator among its entire phones, 0.67 W/kg.

Apple Inc. recommends iPhone users to keep distance minimum of 5 mm from the body because of its high SAR rating.

The Apple iPhone 4S is the phone with highest SAR value, 1.19 W/kg. You can measure SAR level of your phone on your own: Apple Radio Frequency Tester

Apple iPhone SAR Checker

How is SAR Tested?

SAR is tested based on a standardized model. Each phone is tested at its highest capacity. Not with its specs like brightness, multi-tasking and all; but with the highest band the phone supports.

To know the exact level of RF exposure, the phone is simultaneously positioned in common positions including head, hip, chest and other body parts. The robotic analysis is performed to know the measurement of an electric field generated by the device. Thus, the report is generated and forwarded for final authorization.


•    While testing, the phones are tested in the hip and head. The SAR value does not count on carrying in your torso and trouser pocket.

•    When you carry a phone in your torso pocket, the space between your heart and phone is less than 2 cm.

•    The continuous exposure of your body to radiation can obstruct various factors related to generative organs like sperm growth and sexual health.

•    The intensity of radiation from a phone is not constant. The radiation increases when the distance between the antenna or network tower is low. Also, the phone radiates when it is seeking to connect.

•    The RF emits even if we are not receiving or dialling calls as it continuously searches for the network to connect.

•    The phones with Dual SIM's support radiates more than that of phones with Single SIM.

•    When you carry two phones, the intensity level of radiation increases twice fold than carrying a phone.

Now it’s up to you, judge yourself; whether it is safe to use Samsung or Apple Phones or not!