Who is Sam Smith? Is he still single or dating someone? Know about his Affairs and Relationship.

“Stay with me” is a song written as well as sang by a famous American singer ‘Sam Smith’. So, today stay with us to know all about Sam’s dating history as well as his current relationship status. Samuel Frederick Smith rose to fame in 2012 and if you are his fan, you must already know that he is gay.

Once in an interview with E! News, around 2015, when Sam was asked to say about his relationship status, he said,

I think I’m even more single than I was when I released In the Lonely Hour, so I’m insanely single.

He continued,

"I've never had a boyfriend so I don't really know any different, which I think is very lucky actually, I'm still learning on what's right and what's normal in dates."

Sam Smith boyfriend

As mentioned above, Sam Smith once revealed that he never had any boyfriends and that he is still learning but now I guess he’s already learned. He recently started dating and if you are into American series, there are 13 reasons why, we hope you’ll recognize the guy. See a picture of them kissing and guess who the guy is.

See a picture of them kissing and guess who the guy in the picture kissing Sam is?

Sam-Smith-Kissing-His-Boyfriend-Brandon-Flynn-NYC Sam-Smith-Kissing-His-Boyfriend-Brandon-Flynn-NYC, Source: Popsugar

Yes, the guy is none other than ‘Justin’ from ‘13 Reasons Why’. His real name is Brandon Flynn and is an extremely talented actor. If you didn’t know that he too was gay, today is your day and Thank us later. They started dating in September 2017. Even though it’s just been just two months that they’re dating, they seem to be very extremely comfortable with each other.

Sam Smith walking happily with his new boyfriend in NYC Sam Smith walking happily with his new boyfriend in NYC, Source: Enews

They were once spotted dining together and heading out to see the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen, which includes popular celebrities like Zac Efron, Morgan Freeman and Beyonce. However, they have not confirmed about their relationship yet. So once more proof is left to be heard by us. They together keep on posting pictures of them hanging out together on the streets.

Hence, in conclusion, they seem to have a very good relationship with each other, let's now hope that they publicize about their relation soon so that we can be 110% sure about their affair.