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Salma Hayek stands with Zoe Saldana on her portrayal of Nina Simone.

May 6, 2016
First published on:May 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Salma Hayek stands by Zoe Saldana on her portrayal of Nina Simone.

We have all seen actress Zoe Saldana and any layman can say how skillful and real her acting is. Despite her giving very profound movies like Colombiana, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek Into Darkness and Avatar, she has been under criticism for her role portraying Nina Simone in the self-titled biopic, 'Nina'. However, Salma Hayek stands by the actress’s side for her portrayal.

 Black Twitter SLAMS Zoe Saldana for portraying Nina Simone in "black face"

If we dig into the ground of criticism for her role, there are various. It ranges from ‘the lack of a viable theme in the film to the choice of Zoe Saldana to portray the star.’

The actress has been criticized for the portrayal of Nina Simone in Nina for the poor representation of real Nina. Vibe reports,

“The audience learns next to nothing about Ms. Simone, besides her battles with alcoholism, mental illness and a dynamic fashion sense. It also fails to answer the most basic of questions about the singer. Why was her music prolific? Who inspired her?

“It’s implied that we should know these things, yet uncovers the film’s discrepancies with the singer’s family. If they were involved, we could have seen another side of the singer that was portrayed in the 2015 Oscar-nominated documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone.”

Inquisitr also mentions that Simone’s daughter, Lisa Kelly, also criticized using Zoe Saldana for the role. She said,

“There are many superb actresses of color who could more adequately represent my mother and could bring her to the screen with the proper script, the proper team and a sense of wanting to bring the truth of my mother’s journey to the masses. And Nina, in my opinion, doesn’t do any of that.”

Despite all these criticism and lots of no for Saldana, Salma Hayek, on the other hand, has defended the actress’s portrayal of Nina Simone. She stated “Last night I watched Nina and was blown away by @zoesal


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