Sally Bretton talks about her movies, TV shows and her bum.

HitBerryPublished on   06 Apr, 2016Updated on   06 Apr, 2016

Sally Bretton talks about her movies, TV shows and her bum.

The English actress said, “That wasn’t my bum. I went for an upgrade”.

BBC sitcom Not Going Out star Sally is basically popular two thing: guarded private and body double. And now she opens a little about her movies and TV shows. She also talked about her bum.

Not Going Out is the BBC’s longest running sitcom. If you have never seen it, I suggest you must. Sally is the leading female actress of the show. The actress seems so open on stage but she is a celebrity who likes to fly under the radar.

She won’t give a single peek to her life. She even won’t tell the name of her children or her net worth like no one would find out.

The other thing is that she revealed about a body double in the series. Remember, in the show, where she was filmed entirely naked from behind when she was persuading Mack to provide with a baby? Yeah, that nudity was not hers.

“But that’s not my bum, obviously,” she said and laughed. Oh boy! Many men must have gone heart- broken after discovering that it was a body double. When she was asked if she had a problem doing it by herself. She replied, “No! No way.” But she did have a say in who her body double was. “I thought I’d go for an upgrade,”. And that she said with a smile.

The actress is a hot sensation on YouTube and Twitter. One of the fans uploaded her slow motion video with a message “This is just because she is so amazing and beautiful.”. Absolutely true, she is very beautiful and hot. It might be her anti- aging precautions but she looks younger in every passing episode.

The actress is one of those who enjoy the rehearsals but not the end results. What? That’s strange. It is like a chief loving to cook but not interested in eating

The actress is married to Lee Mack and they have three children together. As far as we know of, they are in happy married life. “I am genuinely very good friends with Lee. He’s a good mate. His family are all amazing, too.”, she said. So are you still in doubt that they might get a divorce?

The talk with Sally seemed very smooth. She also shared about her experience of pushing 40s. “It gets more annoying as you get older, and you start thinking of opportunities narrowing. I feel very sad about women aspiring to go backwards and look younger.”, she said.

Sally mentioned that when she did not have a boyfriend and she was not interested in random dating at her teenage, her friends used to lightly mock her for being a lesbian.

Well, that’s all in the past, she has a loving husband and a family now.