Salli Richardson still happy with husband of over 13 years, married Dondre Whitfield in 2002

July 28, 2015
First published on:July 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Salli Richardson and Dondre Whitfield are wonderfully happy together even after their 13th year of their marriage. With the years passing by, their bond is growing stronger day by day.

Salli Richardson married long time boyfriend, Dondre Whitfield who is younger than her age, in 2002. They have also worked together in a late night infomercial as a part of advertising campaign to promote the Time Life Zestify Midnight Soul collection.However, their work never came in between their relationship

Their relationship became more stronger than ever since Richardson gave birth to a baby boy in 2009, her second child with her husband Dondre Whitfield. The baby named, Dre Terrell Whitfield weighing in at 7lbs, 7oz at time of birth. They also have a daughter,  Parker Richardson Whitfield.

On Valentines day, earlier this year, Dondre Whitfield tweeted "@Sallirichardson: Happy V- day to my hubby @dondrewhitfield. God gave me a great gift when you came into my life." on his twitter account.

Salli Richardson rose to stardom from her role as Allison Blake in "Eureka", an NBC Universal's dramedy TV series, which she still stars in until present time. Additionally, she has also portrayed starring roles in big screens movies like, "I am a legend" and "Antwone fisher".

Dondre's Whitfield meanwhile gained his acting notoriety on the sitcom "The Cosby Show", portraying the role of Robert Foreman. His other TV credit includes "All My Children" and "Ghost Whispered".

Salli Richardson, being a black beauty, has earned many fans with her work in television and movies. She has many fans on social networking sites such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.  She is tall, having height of 1.64 in meters and has net worth of $2 million .She is of mixed ethnicity as her father is Italian and her mother is African-American.

In this regard, she has stated: "I mean, yes, my father is Italian and English, and my mother got Indian in her, but when you look at my parents you see Black and white-two-halves. When you look at his parents, you see Asian and Black."

"I was raised around both my parents, and I knew that my father is White and my mother is Black, but I never thought I was anything but Black. It never crossed my mind that I could be anything else. No one ever said anything; no one ever made any comments in my family. It was just never a question. I think being Black is a wonderful thing to claim."

Richardson looks hot in her short dresses flaunting her smooth feets,

As mentioned before, Salli Richardson is an American actress, living blissfully even after 13 years of her married life. She got united with Dondre Whitfield in 2002, though he was younger than her age, and has never looked back.

We wish both a happy married life as well as lots of love for their kids.


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