Sabrina Carpenter Net worth: Know her source of income

June 26, 2016
First published on:June 26, 2016
by HitBerry

Did u watch the new song of Sabrina Carpenter? Singer Sabrina was looking marvelous, her new song was too good. The title song is Smoke and fire, this song is about love and struggle. Her expressions in the video are so amazing. Disney princess is back with her hot video.

Sabrina Carpenter born on May 11, 1999. She is an American singer, actress and also a songwriter. She was born in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, U.S. This Young star’s net worth is more than $3million. O my God!! She is just seventeen and earns more than other teenagers who is about 5 feet.

Her singing talent is making her even richer than other stars of her age. She got more than $3.5 million from her music video. How lucky is she? Sabrina is one of the richest teenagers every guy would want to date but unfortunately, there is a rumor that is she is dating hot guy Max Gecowets.


Tell that to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson... @sabrinacarpenter

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Sabrina and Max are seen together a lot, maybe there were together to promote their movie baby. It is said that two opposite sex do not remain friend forever. Once she said she like Mexican guys a lot so there is confusion about her relationship.

Peyton Meyer was also shared her picture of Sabrina on his Instagram account wishing her birthday. The picture was Peyton gave Sabrina piggy back ride and both of them were so much happy. After seeing that picture everyone can guess that both of them are holding a huge secret. They might get a lot picture on their cell phone. The great confusion is who the hell she is dating.


Happy birthday Sabrina Huhhhh-hurrr!

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As a Disney lady, Sabrina found good friends like Sofia Carson and they said that they are the babysitter and brought a song for them Wild side (adventure in babysitter) . They have a movie and a title song. Both of them have portrait such a good character of a babysitter in the movie. looks like movies is much more entertaining than other.



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