Ryan Newman is rumored to be Dating Steven Perry. Also find out about her Dating History.

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Remember a child model in the photo shoots of Dream Magazine, Kaiya Eve Photoshoots 2009 and Inspire Magazine? The name of very beautiful and gorgeous American model, singer, and actress is Ryan Whitney Newman.

The little kid is no more a child, she has now grown up. The name Ryan Newman has been linked with Steven Perry. Let's know more about her past affairs and more.

Are Ryan Newman and Steven Perry in a relationship?

 There were once various rumors regarding Ryan Newman being linked up with American actor Bradley Steven Perry. The parents of Ryan and Steven were the close friends thus they were also spotted together in numerous places. Thus, were explained to be in a relationship.

But when Ryan Newman was asked about her relationship with Steven, she clearly denied the fact that they were dating. She also furthermore added that they were very good friends and nothing more than that. She also explained that they were good and flirting friends nothing more than that.

Soon after her interview on twitter in August 2012, the rumors soon faded away. But there were their fans who were heartbroken after the news. Let's see what happens in near future.

Ryan Newman and Steven Perry

Ryan Newman and Steven Perry

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Ryan Newman's Dating History

Ryan Newman is only 18 years old. What do you think? Had she been involved in any kinds of relationships? Do you think she has dated someone in the past? Ok, going straight to the topic, as indicated by whosdatedwho, she has been involved in three relationships in total.

Ryan Newman and Ryan Ochoa

At the very young age of 10, Ryan was dating 12-year-old American actor Ryan Ochoa. The couple started dating since 2nd April and soon after the couple broke up. During that particular time, they were too young to handle all these relationships matter. Isn't it?

Ryan Newman and Ryan Ochoa

Ryan Newman and Ryan Ochoa

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Ryan Newman and Steven Perry

We have already briefly discussed Ryan Newman and Steven Perry's relationship above. After breaking up with Ryan Ochoa, she was rumored to be dating Steven Perry. Ryan clearly said that they were only good friends thus the rumors faded away.

Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo

After four years of break up with her first love Ryan Ochoa, she then fell in love with American actor Jack Griffo. The couple started dating since 16th June 2013. Their relationship was strong and was taken a good example as they were able to maintain the relationship at a very young age. Sadly, after dating for around three years, the couple got separated on 28th August 2016.

Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo

Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo

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Ryan Newman and Pierson Fode

Ryan Newman and Pierson Fode first met in one of the photoshoots. As Ryan and Pierson both are single at the moment, people thought that the couple is dating. But there is no any exact news revealed till the date. It all started when Pierson posted a picture of them on his twitter account and Ryan wished him a happy birthday. 

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