Russian actress Eugenia Kuzmina, age 28, intends to unite Russia and USA through comedy. Finds inspiration from her married life and children!!

January 31, 2016
First published on:January 31, 2016
by HitBerry

Former model turned actress Eugenia Kuzmina, aged 28, might be a Russian, but she is married to an American producer Bill Block. This transnational couple are proud parents to their two adorable children.

Despite having a successful career as an actress, this former model is independent and fierce and wants to prove herself as a stand-up comedian. And with this, she wants to unite her home country Russia and the USA.

This beautiful young woman has already started her quest of uniting these two rival countries. And what was her first step? Her marriage with her American husband!! This happily married couple has set an example for several other transnational couples. 

And now, this sexy Russian beauty has expressed a desire to strengthen the loose tie between her home country and her new home America. But how is she going to do this? Through comedy of course!! 

Yes people!! This sexy wife of one of the leading producers and financiers of high-quality studio films for the global marketplace wants to make people laugh and feel happy. 

Talking to Headlines & Global News about her dream of uniting two big power houses, Russia and The USA as friends, the beautiful lady said: “I love doing comedy.” 

“I just love making people laugh. I feel like it's been a revelation for me and I want to continue to grow on that path whatever it is, film or on stage. It's definitely my favorite,” the model turned actress told in the exclusive interview. 

The “Fading Gigolo” star is extremely passionate about comedy and she frequently performs stand up at The Comedy Store, Flappers and performs improv at UCB.

Kuzmina said that there was a huge difference between Russian and American styles of jokes: “In Russia, it's a completely different style of jokes. So my Russian friends, they don't get it. I love to make fun of myself. Making fun of Russian stereotypes I think is hilarious.”

The actress usually writes about her modeling past, her life as a mother of two kids and her personal life in both America and Russia. 

“Most comedians start just based on their life and what they're going through. I wrote a lot of material about my modeling. A lot of time models seems to be perfect, but there's such a different side to the industry,” Kuzmina said.

“Also, I had two kids in the middle of my career so I was in a funny place. I just wanted to share the way I can be a mom and also work to pursue my passion. Now I'm doing more jokes about dating and for me, it's so interesting because it's such a different society in America."

And this is how the young comedian wants to bring Russia and America together; by bringing her own life stories in comedy acts which is has spent in Russia as well as America. She desires to unite these two super powers through comedy and acting. 

Though she has appeared in several movies and TV shows, her net worth remains undisclosed.