Rugby star Chris Robshaw, who is dating singer Camilla Kerslake, takes the blame for loss against Wales

April 23, 2017
First Published On: April 23, 2016
by HitBerry

It has been twelve years since England last won the Rugby world cup and nine years since they have stood as runner ups in the tournament, which has always been dominated by Australia and New Zealand.

This year, with high hopes and monumental determination, the English team entered the tournament to bring back the trophy, especially after having the home advantage.

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Sydney Leroux- Professional Soccer Player

England and the tournament

England failed miserably this year when they were knocked out in the pool stages of the tournament – an exit not anticipated by a single fan from the country or even by the world at large. They managed to get only two wins, out of which one was an escape to the finish line by sheer luck.

England entered the tournament as favorites this year, mainly due to the home advantage. But, they exited with their worst ever record in the tournament .

During the tournament, when England were playing Wales, their nearest neighbors in the tournament, they came across an opportunity to beat Wales. But the chance was wasted, which ultimately led to England’s exit from the tournament.

England team captain Chris Robshaw took full responsibility for the ill fated outcome of his team. He further came under sever scrutiny from the country’s media and fans because of his decision which led to England’s exit.

In the ending three minutes of the game, England was awarded a penalty which, if scored, could have given England a draw with Wales, which could have helped them proceed further into the tournament.

The skipper decided the penalty should not be taken. Rather, he went for a “Try” play, which was unsuccessful. This resulted in England losing the game.

Decisions made by Chris

Chris justified his move by stating he was looking for the win and it was his sole decision to aim for it and nothing else, which led to England’s fatal outcome.

After being harassed by the media and fans, fellow Rugby players from other nations praised Chris for taking the brave decision and facing the outcome of it in a sportsman-like manner.

Many other players also praised him by saying, in a World Cup, in a similar situation, any captain would have gone for the play Chris went for and that is what most sportsmen would do.

In the remaining games that England played, they thrashed Uruguay to a total route and the score read 60 for England and 3 for Uruguay.

It was one of the most impressive performances put in by any team in the entire world cup and also promised a stronger squad and a more favorable outcome in the coming years for the team.

Chris Robshaw is one of the youngest captains in a premier rugby playing nation at just 29 years of age. Robshaw’s girlfriend is a singer Camilla Kerslake they have been dating since 2011.

Chris is fairly popular in social media circles and has over 130K followers on Twitter and can be followed @Robshaw.

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